• Yes. When you read the biography of any child TV or movie stars, they talk about having to go to the "studio school" or having to be tutored on set. This covers rules about schooling. When you see a show with a small child, they are often played by twins or triplets. This is due to labor requirements about the amount of time the child can spend filming, so they have the sibling double for each other. So this covers rules about hours spent at work. I'm sure the same rules apply to musicians as well, though they are fewer and farther between. Both of these require participation in the appropriate union, which helps to enforce such statutes.
  • Big time. Minors have to have social workers and/or their parents on the set at all times. If a production takes over a specified amount of time minor actors must have tutors or educators on the set to work with them. There are enough restrictions for minor actors that it is somewhat prohibitive to use children.
  • They're exempt from regular child labor laws, But they have their own.

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