• I find it unacceptable and could be easily bypassed if common sense and compassion were used in it's place.
  • Only when somebody has oil.
  • I would only use violence to protect myself or someone else from harm.
  • I believe violence can be acceptable, but only if it involves the entertainment of myself or those close to me. It is a hobby of mine to 'brick' the shit out of 'innocent' bystanders and my local community has never had a problem with it. And if they did have a problem with it then I'd probably have to brick them too.
  • definitrly
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  • It's not a matter of acceptable, it's a matter of sorting out a problem quick and efficiently. If a gang of youths, lets say 3 of them come upto you and start a fight then you have 3 choices. Talk it out, run or fight. If your carrying then violence is the best solution, take them down quickly before they know what's hit them. Run, advisable if all of them are carrying, talk, only works if the offenders are weak minded. I say that violence is a good tactic in most situations and going by todays laws then you've got nothing to lose.
  • No never! If someone walks up to me and try to give me an ass whipping I won't accept it--I would retaliate.

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