• Yes I do, we sponsor 4 children in South America and Sri Lanka, its not much but it helps and they are gorgeous kids getting a chance at life they may have missed out on.
  • I do but I am one that believes that we need to worry about our own country! I'm sure I'll get down rated for that one...if not by you then for sure by someone else!
  • Yes I certainly do care when we are feeding food we produce back to the animals and keeping it in large warehouses for it to go bad when children are dieing. It is not the right thing to promise to give points for answers.
  • To be honest, it's hard to care about people I don't even know to the extent that I want to. I really do want to care and I try to care, but obviously it's not enough if I've never experienced their situation or been around them to understand the reality of it. I try, though.
  • Ok...I do feel sad for them, however I am more interested in getting those people birth control, to stop the cycle or at least slow it down.
  • Actually, it is something that I care about in this country AND other countries. To be truthful, the lack of medicine and medical treatment is a bigger concern. I also don't see why kids are more important than adults. Food, clothing, medicine/medical treatment, et cetera are needed by all.
  • I care very much about that and all the injustice in the world. I support plans that educate people about the devastation caused by overpopulation, which is rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable.
  • Sometimes I care and sometimes I don't... mostly it depends on my level of awareness, which isn't some fixed characteristic, but rather varies greatly from day to day. But regardless of how I happen to feel on any given day, I consistently support the goal of having a planet where everybody has enough to eat. There's a difference between caring (the feeling) and caring (the commitment / action). The former comes and goes with one's emotional changes, and isn't something we have a lot of choice about. The latter is a matter of choice: I can CHOOSE to be committed to a goal, even if I don't FEEL like it. Making that distinction reliably is one of the key things that separates an adult from a child.
  • I care about people starving all over the world..i do, however, tend to focus on the people who are starving in my own community.
  • I truly care about starving people in the world. But, my personal belief is that we need to take care of the people in our country first and then help others.

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