• Road I have the vehicle to myself. Just hate trains. When I fly I am nearll always stuck with the Adams family or Beverley hillbillies.
  • Still haven't travelled by rail (but I want to), so of the air and road that I have taken, each has their own benefit. Travelling by air, someone else does the driving, and I can have a drink if I want. Travelling by road, I'm in control, and feel much better about the safety factor knowing I'm at the wheel. Overall, I think I like the road the best. There are far fewer chances of getting strip-searched by some beefy TSA chick named Helga that thinks it's her personal mission in life to prove you have drugs hidden somewhere in your intestinal tract, regardless of what it will take her to find them.
  • The ship, boat, sail or anything on the water. I enjoy the sea very much and don't have problems with sea sickness.
  • The train, it take longer to get your destination but is far more relaxing.
  • air b/c it is faster. Rail b/c it seems romantic (if you get your own cabin.. or better yet can afford your own rail car!!
  • rail anyday.
  • I love traveling in my car, although if I had a large van I think I would enjoy it even more.
  • I usually say that the quality of the travel is related to how far your feet are from the ground. So: walking = best car/rail/bus = middle flying = worst But I have a soft spot for four-seater planes - I've only been in one, and only for an hour. But that was fantastic. :)
  • Road by far. I love taking the long way whenever I can. I have a real love of old country roads.
  • The train journey is what I enjoy most. We can sing, dance, play, listen to music etc. From the window we can enjoy the beauty of nature. Due to pollution, heavy traffic etc, we cannot enjoy the road journey when compared to rail journey. Air and ship journey are boring for me.
  • I love to travel by train, being able to get up move around and talk to people is so much fun. I also like to go by boat, went over on the ferry to Ireland and had a ball, met loads of people and we all got drunk drinking Irish coffee at 8am in the morning.
  • I enjoy driving. I feel so free. I hate flying. Never been on a train but I think I would enjoy that very much. I would love to go across country on a train.
  • Road is ideal. You can see everything around you as you pass by, and you can stop if the mood should arise. Rail would be second for me. I do not enjoy flying whatsoever.

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