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  • No, in most cases these are not real hermaphrodites. As accurately pointed out in your question, many of these 'she-males' are men who have undergone extensive plastic surgery, which includes breast implants and facial reconstruction, and/or hormone treatments. Most of the time you can easily tell the difference...these 'she-males' have strong male characteristics in their face and body structure. A human hermaphrodite is a person that has both male and female genitalia. These 'she-males' that you see on the internet usually have fully functional male genitalia, meaning that they are not virtually all hermaphrodite cases, the individual has both a vagina and a penis, neither of which are functional. The penis is often growing out of the area where the clitoris should be...they are both made of the same erectile tissue. Classification of gender for a hermaphrodite is often difficult, since hormone imbalances tend to exist. However, it is not always so. Many 'female' hermaphrodites have the appearence of a typically normal woman, and many 'male' hermaphrodites have the generally normal appearence of a typical male. Sometimes, a female hermaphrodite will have a completely nromal looking body...even in the genital region, they will appear to have a completely normal vagina, but she may have a pair of undescended testicles. As with most hermaphrodites, neither of the organs will be functional. Other examples include a a shaft growing out of the region of the clitoris, and may actually be the length of a normal male penis. Again, both the penis and the vagina will be non-functional. Sometimes the clitoris will simply be abnormally large, and have the shape a head of a penis. This doesn't always indicate a hermaphrodite...some clitoris grow in such a way that they actually resemble the head of a penis...again, because they are made of the same erectile tissue, it may take the shape of a head during development. In very rare cases, I have heard of hermaphrodites that do have mostly female characteristics, but with a complete set of non-fucntional penis and testicles. From what I understand, this is exceptionally rare. That said, to completely answer your question: most of those people you see on the internet are not hermaphrodites at all, they are simply people who have undergone extensive surgery and hormone treatments to appear to be 'women' with a penis. You might be tricked, because the plastic surgery is sometimes very convincing, but how can you tell if its a 'fake' hermaphrodite? The male genitalia simply will not work. Hermaphrodites are both barren and impotent. They cannot make sperm and cannot conceive children.
  • No. I saw a woman once and she was absolutely HUGE. Not fat, tho. Her hands were big. Broad shoulders. Looked like a male. My cousin and I called her that cause it was funny/true. She did look like a he/she. Or whatever you want to call her. It was creapy. =D
  • I guess it's a lot of both. During some scenes in porn, the so called "she-male" has no erection during the sexual act; but in other scenes has a full erection, and ejaculates lake a man. Because it IS a man. With implants, hormone injections, etc. Now some "she-males" look so good and real that is hard to tell whos a real woman, and who's not.
  • O God .. u r soooo admirable what a Universe u have made !! and what a social decoram that we can't ask human being whether is male /shemale/ladyboy or sheboy . Still some mystery is there as what is their social status , what provision their Govt. is providing them and so on .......8-)
  • They are almost always transwomen, but not all of them have plastic surgery. I believe if they start taking hormones before puberty that they never really develop any masculine traits and they can grow breasts and long hair on their heads quite naturally.

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