• Remember that what you ue to fertalize the plant will be inhaled through the smoke. If you wouldn't smoke it don't put it on the plant. Happy growing.
  • may scorch it. never used it on marijuana.
  • I suppose anything you spray on the 'green bits' might be harmful, I have been growing for over 40 years and have never sprayed anything on the 'green bits' I have only ever fed the plant through its roots
  • If you want to use fertilizer on your plants be sure it is for vegetable plants. I would suggest planting in 4 year old horse manure.
  • I have tried used MG for two years now and everytime I did, my plants start dying so I tried different methods using this plant food. The only successful way I have found to use MG is to use it at a minimum and feed it through the soil while not spraying any on the leaves... this might cause fertilizer burn and make your plants die.
  • i heard before that some miracle grow's have weed killer in them dont use them! and i think that miracle grow on the top surface of the plant may oxidize the top and make the plant distressed

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