• we don't even have cable any more because i can't stand to watch most of what's there... and when there is a good show on it's usually ruined by commercials. so yay for tv shows on dvd.
  • I think there are some good shows out there and the quality is much better. But the percentage of good shows has gone way down. I remember when 90% of what you had to choose from was good. Now only about 20% look good. Of course, we also have so many more from which to choose.
  • I agree, shows now-a-days suck for the most part and the commercials are really killing whatever might be worth a crap to watch! If there are people paying $40.00 or more for TV they are nuts! As far as what shows well, too many so called reality shows that are such a phoney load of s#!t.
  • The simpsons CSI and family guy have gone downhill.
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      I don't watch them.
  • I feel that there are less comedys or sitcoms on TV now and a lot of them are all Drama shows or reality shows. I liked the old days with shows like friends, everyone loves raymond, seinfeld, fraiser, etc.
  • Worse. Because reality t.v. has taken over. People are incapable of having an original thought.
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      Do you think this might be planned to bring people to having no thought and then to be controlled? This is the plan of the power elite to control the masses.
  • TV is reflective of society and how society acts or is expected to act. With a clear decline in morals and respect it's easy to see why TV programming has gone down hill. I absolutely hate the Disney show "Life With Derek". If you've never seen it, don't bother. The main character Derek is a teen who is disrespectful, stupid and lacks empathy towards his family. His parents laugh and do nothing while he ignores them and terorizes his siblings. My kids aren't allowed to watch that trash. With that type of non-quality entertainment, it's no wonder that parents are having a hard time controlling their kids. The show glamorizes rebellious teens and makes idiots out of parents.
  • I think this is a good question because it is difficult to answer. In my own opinion I think the science shows are better now. I think the news have gone down the tubes, it is way to concerned with tabloid issues. The sitcoms are blah. With population getting greater the mixing bowl of entertainment is vast and ever changing. How do you get used to anything? Andy, Barney and Opie have all grown up.
  • Great question. Television is at it's worst ever. I'm tired of the tv being flooded with shows about rich white kids
  • Yes! It's pretty sad!
  • There is just way too much vivid murder and destruction on most TV and movies produced today. Young people are too influenced by what they see on TV and mimic what they see. The producers of film and TV need to clean up their act and cut out the violence and killings.

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