• When you get to college, go talk to your professors. Tell them you're concerned and looking for ways to improve your performance. They'll have suggestions and ideas for how to help you out. Make sure you're studying enough, not partying all the time, and talking to the professors about the material regularly.
  • Hey fellow college student. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't do so well. In some ways I can relate since I had 4 classes too. But I can't relate with you on the grades. Since your parents don't know the truth I'm gonna say something very frank. WORK HARDER! Now, of course, the first semester is supposed to be harder but with only four classes you should have at least managed better grades. If you attend the next semester's classes with perfect attendance (even if you don't do so well) the professors will like you more. Also, cut out all the extra stuff in your day ( like social engagements, TV, Internet, etc.) until you have finished your homework. Now since I'm done being the parent you need to let your actual parents know what happened last semester. I'm sure they'll be more disappointed that you didn't tell them the truth then they will be about you actual grade. Next time you feel like you're failing get a tutor or fellow student to help. Finally, college is one of the biggest adjustments I had to make. But I have a feeling that we are both going to have a great next semester...
  • get serious
  • Study very, very hard.
  • maybe you should tell them so they can get you some help

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