• First of all it's suggestions. Second, many games require gaming video cards, not just the standard Intel or whatever card is in your system. Take a look at your device manager (Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Device Manager, Display Adapters), see what kind of card you have and if it meets the minimum requirements. It's also possible you just don't have the right driver loaded for your card.
  • You actually provided the answer here. You said Dell. Most Dells will ship without any graphics card. They use a graphic chip installed on the motherboard. It's one of the reasons that these machines are so cheap. Getting one, is an option and not part of the standard Dell package. Fine and dandy if you're interested in a rig that is hum drum and not required to do much in the graphics department. It's not, when it comes to gaming. I'd look into what model graphics card will work with your existing Dell. If it's possible at all. Not all of Dell's mobos will support an AGP or newer express cards.
  • gutar hero needs a lot of stuff 128meg's minimum of video memory 1gig of ram Intel pentium4 2.8GHZ recommended is twice all that. dell's come factory with 96meg's of video memory get a pci video with at least 128meg's of video memory at for fifty bucks including next day shipping

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