• Community regulations differ, but most of the time, you can sleep wherever you want on your own property, including in a tent, shed, or under the trees. A case could be made if you were exposing yourself, but for the most part, it is not illegal. What is illegal is when you violate the zoning laws by stringing electric lines, or water/sewer lines where they are not permitted.
  • It's' your property, sleep where you want. NOw if you charged rent to someone and they slept in it, that would be different.
  • you should be able to do almost as you please.
  • My parents have a nice shed out back of their house that has 2 stories (oooh lala la la....Fancy!) that my dad uses as workshop/beerdrinking/sportswatching/Mom avoiding zone. He falls asleep out there all the time. As long as you're not laying in a pile of caustic chemicals (if you store any in your shed) or using the lawnmower as a pillow, what's the harm? (My dad found adding a couch and a minifridge and insulating the shed helpful in terms of comfort, though)
  • i dont see why it wouldnt be

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