• I love it the way it is. Who would want to change typing to you lot.
  • wishing is a waste of time. wishing the past was different than it was is going to get you no where, think of doing things right now that will help yourself in the future. don't waste time learn useful skills, become in demand so you never need to grovel for employment, and avoid following the herd.
  • If you asked prisoners that question, you shouldn't be surprised at the answers you would receive.
  • I wish very much that things were different.
  • I have an AWESOME life because I live by one basic rule: You are responsible for your own happiness.
  • I couldn't be happier. I have wonderful caring, respectful, loving, god fearing children. A trusworthy, loyal and great friend as a husband and lover.. and the cutest dog in the world.. My life couldn't be any better!!!
  • I believe in Karma. I accept every thing that comes into my life. A person must have experienced what is darkness in order to understand what is light. I learn both from pleasures and pains.
  • I wish it turned out differently. Starting with the events of October 21, 1989.
  • i wish i could have changed something that happened on november 6, 2006. so yea i wished it turned out differently.
  • I wished it was Differently...I wish my Mother would have never had a stroke and Died...Now i have to face the fact she wont be here for my High School Graduation or anything like that...She passed away when i was 14 so she wasnt here for my Sweet 16..And i miss saying i love you..So i wish that everything Would Not have happened and it would have been differently to this day
  • I think everyone wishes things had turned out differently no matter how big or small. I know that it took a strict upbringing that helped me avoid wrong decisions or those which would have been foolish in my youth, however, w/ a little more maturity after leaving home, I was able to make pretty sound decisions but acted on the whim of my youth...basically tried to do things then because I knew later I might not have that opportunity due to a job or family, etc...So taking advantage of that let me live life more fully. Taking chances. As much as I wish I had held onto my boyfriend who looking back was the love of my life, I wouldn't be half the person I would be now. I don't want to grow old wishing I had done this or that so in a way, that is the worse than wishing I had done things differently. I think that makes sense, doesn't it?
  • i think everyone wishes they could go back in their life and change something they did... i know i would
  • Bit of both, really. I don't believe anymore that my life is pre-ordained in any way, or that higher forces guide me. As such, I think my life as it now is mostly a product of choices that I have made. If I did it again, I'd do it the same, but that doesn't mean that I don't have regrets, oddly enough. I think I regret things that I choose not to do on a daily basis more than past events that might have been. If I met my past self I don't know what I'd tell them, other than that it all kind of works out, but not how you expect, and it's not as easy as you think now.
  • Oh, I wish I had listened to everyone that told me "you are not as strong as you think you are", when I was roofing (and carrying 2 bundles of shingles at a time), or hauling hay, or ANY of the times I put this body thru that. It finally gave out about 8 years ago. But, turn out differently, no. Any little thing that might be changed, could lead to me not having my wife or my 3 kids! They are the only thing that keeps me going.
  • I have a good life ... although there is always room for improvement ... I have much more than many others ... So Yes! ... I am happy as it is ... Each new day will always enable a new suprise for most of us. Not so for some.
  • Differently.
  • Differently because im 14 and my mom thinks im on Heroin and Coke. which im not = and now she hates me and loads more
  • No, I feel I had opportunity but stuffed up and that I'm still as clueless as ever on how to move on.
  • Ironically, me and my son were discussing this last night, I would not want to change anything about my life, I had a hard one, but the end result is I couldnt have been more blessed, with the love I have from my friends and family.
  • Everyone wishes some parts of our life would be different. But, I think every part had to occur that way in order to be where we are now. And where I am now, in love with an amazing man, is just the way I like it.
  • No, I would not wish my life to turn out differently. I love it just the way it is now. I love my wife, my three children, my two daughters-in-law, my son-in-law and my four grandchildren. I like my friends whom I meet in the course of life, learning in schools, working in the various places, serving in the community and club. My present life is no accident but it is purposed to live as it is now with all the challenges and struggles thrown in to make my life interesting.
  • I've thought about this for awhile...."If I had done this or that or completed my doctorate, etc"... but by reflecting so much on the past of "what I should of done" it takes away from what I have accomplished throughout my life. In other words, by thinking to much about the past it makes me think my life was a failure and it has not! I read something recently that said, "Let the standard of success be your achievement of Joy." It made me realize that seeking joy in the "Now" is simply a choice. This was a powerful revelation for me. If I achieve joy then everything will naturally fall into place. Lou Maurio

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