• likely not, in accordance w/ Kepler's laws of planetary motion.
  • Actually I think we are moving away from the sun ever so slightly due to tidal forces slowing the sun (by a very small amount). Also the sun is losing mass all the time so its gravity is getting smaller. But we are fall all intents and purposes in equilibrium with the sun. Gravity (and orbits in particular which have more than just gravity involved) is/are a complex thing :)
  • Shhhhhhhh..... I don't like to think about that or anything else I can't control such as astriods coming toward earth with no ability to stop the darn things. Its just out there floating in space waiting to smack into us at anytime. (gets headache thinking about it)
  • i dont think thats true...
  • no, the moon's getting closer to earth
  • I personally believe it is. For various reasons. However, if it were circling into the sun, it would take a very long time to actually meet the sun. Also, I think Mercury and Venus would be first to go into the sun. Fortunately for us, the temperature would kill us long before anything happened to the planet. I believe this is a good reason to start exploring space and other planets and celestial objects. Not the best reason, admittedly. ☺ Great question, I enjoyed answering it !!!
  • No, but the sun is getting closer to us, or will be soon. As it uses up it's fuel suppy, exhausing it's conversion of hydrogen to helium, it will expand out past mars, insinerating the inner terrestrial planets, and bloating up to the size of Jupiter. Don't fret, this won't happend until another four or five billion years from now, and in between that time, Andromeda, our nearest neighboring Galaxy, should collide with the Milky Way, and merge into one giant Galaxy. Our Sun will more than likey not be affected because the distance between stars is so great, but who know, it may hit at the wrong angle and knock the content of our Solar System around like a billiard game.
  • 7-16-2017 What lows would those be? The Earth's orbit is not a perfect circle, but it is not trending toward or away from the sun.

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