• My daughter is grown, but her 9 year old and 8 year old would do nothing but video games if she let them. She allows them 1 hour of video games or tv for every 2 hours spent playing outside (when the weather is nice) or during bad weather for every 2 hours spent reading or playing cards or board games.
  • Well I'd say I spend pretty much all day and night on video games, or my computer. I don't go on Xbox that much during the day unless I get a chance. I like going on around midnight and staying on until 4-7 AM, but I won't get to do that for very long since school starts in a week for me! lame! ||Sophomore this year! wooo!|| -Jessica Edgell soon to be Zeidler.
  • My oldest only play a few hours a week, my youngest play maybe an hour a day.
  • around two hours he gets bored esily
  • I spend anywhere from no time at all to two hours per day. During the summer it's closer to two hours, and during school it is much less.
  • I only play on the computer and not for very long because my parents wont allow it. Still I know how to have fun even when I amnot allowed to talk to people on line.
  • my brother plays every chance he gets, he is 12 years old. he plays as soon as he gets home from school around 4 pm till 9:30 pm. on the weekends, from when he gets up till like 10 pm.
  • I've no idea he'll be 35 this year and lives half a country away.

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