• Forty hours a week. I will NEVER render overtime work.
  • I have been working 50 to 65 hours a week, and it's all actually working!
  • I am paid for 40 hours work a week (excluding breaks), and I am working for at least that time, mostly more (unpaid overtime), and occasionally less (to balance out the unpaid overtime). I work very hard at work and at home, and don't like to waste time. My job is very busy and I would do myself no favours to stand around talking or surfing the net instead of working.
  • I get done in 45 hours what others i work with do in 60. I rarely work a 50 hour week if you don't count time sitting in an airport or taking a cab to a hotel
  • In a typical week at this particular moment in time-- none! :D
  • 40. No more, no less, ever. I'm a truck driver, so I don't work. Love doing that phony-bologna job. :-)
  • 40-45 a week... and about 30 of those are now spent on AB (till I get bored)
  • 40. I work all but an hour or so. But I do not get a lunch break. Just the occasional smoke. I eat on my way through the kitchen... and peeing??? Yeah, right!
  • i work 40 hours a week. i actually work about 5 hours a week
  • 45. I usually am busy all of those hours.
  • 40 hours. During really busy times, I am proficient enough to do the work of two people and I often do. Multitasking is second nature to me. During slow times, I'll follow up on work that's been set aside or I read or surf the net. I get paid for what I know. I work when needed, and take the well-deserved down time when it's there. If overtime is offered, I'll usually take it. I will often also work holidays for the extra pay.
  • I'm not working at the moment so I do volunteer Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. I love it. Wish I could get a job recording books.
  • Lately I have been on half hours until my shoulder is done healing, for me have hours means 4 seven hour days a week. My normal schedule is 3 thirteen hour days and 1 eight hour day a week. On the thirteen hour days I really work ten hours, and sit at the desk (between customers) the last three hours. On the eight hour day I am working full tilt the entire time so that I really can work only eight hours instead of a 4th thirteen hour day. The hours are tough, but I love my three day weekends every week.
  • 40 if I'm lucky. OT tends to burn me out so I only take it if they ask me to do it.

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