• I'm a salesperson, and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the way my dealership does business, which is a no - haggle, pressure free approach. We do keep in contact with our customers, but not 23 times a day if you know what I mean. =) We're also not on commision. So.
  • I just get annoyed at (and sometimes amused by) the games they play. You negotiate them down to a price they're willing to take and they're all "I have to go clear this with my manager." It's like they want you to feel like you really twisted their arm or something, it's lame. But I'm not one of these guys who feels really macho by talking a sales guy down on sticker price.
  • Give people plenty of time to browse before approaching them - unless they look like they need help of course. I don't like being 'jumped' on before I've even had chance to look (they even do it in fast food restaurants even though you're stood back from the counter and obviously reading the menu!) it just smacks to me of "gimme your money!!". Best of luck with your venture. That fact you've asked the question indicates that you'll have a better approach than many.

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