• Before you start ensure you've used a good rich conditioner to provide an extra layer of heat protection. Hot oil treatments now and then also help. Use a medium sized (a bit less than the size of a ping-pong ball) blob of straightening creme or gel. Pretty much all haircare ranges do one, but they vary immensely in quality and effectiveness- my personal favorite is VO5 "Straight Up" (also fairly inexpensive). Use a bit of trial and error here. You should rub it between your hands and apply it all through your damp (not wet) hair- the best way is to tip your head upside down and comb it with your fingers through the lengths and ends.If you have very thick hair you might need to add a little more. Keeping your head upside down you also need a generous squirt of heat protection spray - again most ranges do them, and this will help prevent the heated iron from damaging the hair and causing frizz. If you still have a bit of frizz after you've finished straigtening you could use a serum (John Frieda's Frizz-Ease range is excellent) but a cheap tip is to smooth one of those anti-static tumble dryer sheets over your hair- works a treat.
  • aussie products works like a charm
  • DITCH THE FLAT IRON......there are other products out now that do the same thing only without baking or frying your hair! one is a brush..forget the name, darnit! but if you go online and search under 'hair appliances' you'll see some of these..........

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