• It is actually the Romans who copied the Greek Gods. So, they (The Romans) just made up different names for the original Greek Gods.
  • The Romans admired the Greeks and incorporated the Greeks' architecture, philosophy, and gods. The Roman names came after the Greek ones. That's why Greek gods also have Roman names.
  • Because there is only one gods? ☮
  • When facts are collected for writing history, only the earliest written records are taken into consideration. Lack of written records does not mean that Romans did not have gods at the same time as that of Greeks. Names of gods are given due to thousands of years of tradition. More than 10000 years ago, all races in the world has earth goddess worship. But the name of their goddess is given according to their tradition. It appears strange to westerners if one god has more than one name. In Hinduism, each god is known by a 100 names - Satha Namavali. Each name belongs to a region in India.
  • Because the Romans were too ridiculous to come up with their own dieties and stole the Greek gods and godesses. They just gave them different anesm. Even the myths and legend behindt ehir gods and godesses are suspiciously The Romans were, after all, always stealing ideas and such from the peole they conqured.

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