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  • Have crazy, meaningless sex with someone else.
  • Remember why he is your ex....worked for me.
  • What do I care? He's an ex for a reason. Go on with life.
  • Sometimes one is just addicted. I found my misery didn't have anything to do with him. It was my abandonment issues. When my relationships end I don't just bleed, I hemmorage. Soooooo, I try not to have relationships anymore. Too hard. I've been theraped to death and sometimes, I think, some things just cannot be changed once they're imprinted. Just a gut feeling. I hope this helps you a little. Think more about questions you can answer about you . . . like why you were attracted to someone like this to begin with? And . . . if someone put a gun to your head and said I'm going to pull the trigger if you don't stop thinking these thoughts . . . try to think of something that gives you pleasure when those thoughts pop into you mind. What you think about is the only thing is this world you have complete control over.
  • To remember why I'm not with her and why I'm seeing the person that I'm with/talking to at the time. So in essence to forget you have to remember.

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