• Ended high school, worked, started college, loved it. Back on break now.
  • Put an end to a bad relationship , met new and great friends ,achieved a lot at work ,thinking's changed a lot for good,had a good time half the year with my family ....guess couldn't have asked for more :-)
  • Stayed in the same job as last year (Whoo Hoo!) My cat Beanie was critically ill and had to have him put to sleep early June. Got another light colored tabby named Skippy in mid-June. Blank Savage a wonderful AB member dies in early October and even though he was just an email friend for over a week, I took it very hard. November my cat Jason got very sick and was hospitalized with liver disorder and anemia. Jason has ups and now is on down-ward slope again.. don't know how much longer he will be with us.
  • Husband traveled too much and then lost stupid job at stupid, immoral company, I traveled a lot for work, dog died, got new dog, new roof and floors, it rained a lot in London.
  • Arrested 45 people. wrote 800 traffic citations, saved a life, had 35 court cases, had one non-chargeable traffic accident, drove approximately 25,000 miles in my police vehicle, won two big jackpots at a casino, my dog bit a bike rider, i turned 64, wife made me a birthday cake(first in 20 years), had the timing belt changed in my Toyota, wife made a killing on ebay, my dog turned 7 years old, i became a new great grandfather and finally, i am about to make plans to retire and i am still blessed with good health. All in all 2007 was a great year!
  • Sad to hear about Nelson :-( January: almost had a dryer fire. A flat tire and my spare was frozen to the back of my SUV. February: for the first time I had water in my basement. A neighbor's clogged gutter caused the water to enter through an air vent. April: went to my doctor, I have tennis elbow. June: I had a physical, doctor found a tumor in my throat. Bought a new car, the old car had 235,000 miles. June & July: No vacation allowed in our office due to a company wide software conversion. August: Surgery on my throat to remove the tumor. September: One of my cousins died. December: Just found that my company will outsource the IT department. I might be unemployed next year.
  • broke up with my boyfriend right before Valentines Day, got back together in time to spend VDay together. Broke up again a few weeks later, got back together that same week...same job, same boyfriend. Moved out of my mom's house in June after moving back in with her for a few months. Got my own apartment. Had my one year anniversary with my b/f whom i moved in with this past month...i also turned 25 in November...this year i became and aunt again...twice!
  • Year review: Finished last school year, kept my job and advanced my position, moved out in the summer and started renting a smallish little house that fits my taste. Bought a few kittens in the summer, school started and kept my house running. Went through 3 relationships and a friends with bennies thing, now currently just dating a nice girl that looks like it might work out, and generally enjoying my life.
  • son came home after his stay as a guest of the state (DUI) on his birthday Feb...My friend forgot to fasten his safety harness and fell off a rock wall, breaking his tailbone and both ankles mom's birthday April..Uncle died May..My friend (from the rock wall) got a medical discharge from the Air Force and came home from Korea June..My grandson came for two weeks!! :-D July..hmmm..pretty quiet except got 2 cats August..daughter's birthday..stepfather died Sept...Daughter came to stay for a few's baby died Oct..youngest daughter got her 4th degree black belt Nov..usual stuff birthday, today in fact ;-)
  • I am very sorry to hear about Nelson. My Cocker Spaniel (Ben) died in May of this year too. 2007 was stressful. . .life changing. . .somwhere between good and bad I suppose: My mom has cancer (treatable, but not survivable I am told) My significant other's mom has cancer (doing great) His brother is doing his second one year stint in Iraq (second in three years that is) My boyfriend was promoted to LtCol (USAF reserves) and most "space weenies" don't end up in Iraq which I am thankful for I quit my job and kissed my career goodbye I spent the majority of the year away from home on business travel We adopted two abused puppies and we are quite proud that we have earned their trust and have given them a safe and happy home (pics are here My dependence on "Zantac cocktails" has increased (Zantac and Prilosec to curb stomach pain) I bought a new car None of my luggage got lost or looted for once and layovers were few and far between (wooo hoooo!) Yup, this is one stressed out household--but, we're managing. It could be a lot worse. We still wake up happy and laugh a lot and that keeps us looking forward to 2008. Maybe now that I don't work, I can go back to school. Answer originally posted in response to 2007-How was it for you? Same answer I gave here
  • So sorry about your loss :( Glad FiFi is a sweetie pie. Jim had shoulder surgery in March for a rotator cuff tear and he is fine now. We moved (after 20 years) to a new place (to us) and have been here 6 weeks. We love it. My son (who lives in Honolulu) is going to visit with us for one day and night before he goes back home. We had a very good year and look forward to another one..and hope it is, in fact, better for everyone! :)
  • Spent a week in Spain. Went to a party in Norwich. Got a bar Job. Quit. Spent a very wet week in Dorset. Graduated from Uni.
  • my comment was necessary as i believe too many people are worring about everyone else and not spending the time and attention on those who really needs it (their nearest and dearest).

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