• Yes, get a restraining order and, most importantly, tell your boss. If he he threatening to do this to make you do something I think (non legal mind) this may be blackmail. Be careful and protect yourself
  • Tell your boss that a "bad" ex-boyfriend that has been harassing you may be calling to spread lies about you ... tell your boss that you are working on getting a restraining order and that if the guy calls your boss should ask for a name and should also report the call to the police as a violation of the restraining order ... and of course, file for a restraining order, and mention to the police that you are experiencing a fear for your safety ... ... and YES, it is harassment.
  • Call the police and make a report for harassment. Once the report is made, go see a magistrate or judge and ask for a Restraining Order on your ex. Once the Restraining Order is signed and read to your ex, he is now given notice not to contact you or your employment in any form. Each offense is 10 days to serve in jail. Make the report and have some peace of mind. john
  • The requirements for a a restraining order vary by state and/or county, but this alone is not enough for a restraining order in most jurisdictions. Most jurisdictions require an actual threat of violence, or repeated harrasement (e.g. calling you 100 times a day). Your best bet is just to tell your boss. If the threats escalate to threats of violence, or continually harrasmenet, then you can get a restraining order.
  • I am going through the SAME exact thing right now! I love my job and my ex friend is threatening to call and tell them things such as I do drugs and I've stolen money. I should be able to prove my innocence with a drug test and of course I keep good records of our money since I get audited every year. Mostly it'd just be a big headache, but still. Also, she has sent me threatening text messages, voicemails, and instant messages, all of which I have saved. Does anyone think this will be enough for me to get a restraining order?
  • Do NOT get a restraining order if you will end up changing your mind about this guy (going back out with him) as it is VERY HARD to get rid of it once it is in place. I sugguest a peace bond.
  • By all means, call the police and talk it over with them. Ask them if it might not be a good idea to let your boss know. Above all, remember that bullies expect people to keep quiet and tell no one. Be upfront with people. Tell them that you are having troubles with the ex and he is trying to spread lies about you. Don't speak badly of him- just warn them he is on the prowl.
  • Just tell him if that happens you are going to tell everybody the reason you and he are no longer together is because he is gay.

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