• don't worry about it....
  • Maybe. when I can get it together I will try to think of it.
  • Becoming more proactive always makes my apathy go away.
  • Motivation.
  • Transient apathy can be overcome. Friends and professionals may be able to assist individuals to develop an interest in their surroundings. Attitude is important. Persons who desire to overcome apathy have much higher odds of succeeding than do persons lacking a positive attitude. Apathy is a normal way for humans to cope with stresses. Other than support, no specific treatment is needed unless other, more troubling disorders are also present.
  • Volunteer work might help. Socializing, therapy...but the person has to WANT to change, as in anything else.
  • Ron Paul.
  • I have found in my experience that loving another person will cure apathy. Great question+
  • The only thing I know that works for general social apathy is being victimized. Becoming the target of assault, discrimination, fraud, theft, false accusation or even natural disaster. It changes the viewpoint. Sometimes. But personal apathy for things closer to home? I think this is a symptom of things that require more specific help. It is often a sign of severe depression and only treatment of the depression will help affect the apathy.
  • Creating motivation, passion, concern. All the things that are the direct opposite of apathy.
  • I think empowerment is a cure for apathy. Apathy is a feeling of being disempowered and unable to control your own life. Apathy is a mental state of learned helplessness where you know what you want but you feel unable to do anything about it and it slows you down like weight on your shoulders. Apathy is a great defeater because it makes it difficult to get things done and feel happy. Whatever you aspire to do, apathy hinders you. Empowerment is having the ability to control your own life. Empowerment is a mental state of actualization where you know what you want and are in the process of proactively doing things to achieve it and it carries you forwards like momentum. Empowerment is a great enabler because empowerment makes it easy to get things done and feel happy. Whatever you aspire to do, empowerment helps. Apathy is overcome by choice, development and momentum. Choosing to become empowered starts the process of developing one’s ideas, skills and tools which develops increased capacity to undertake constructive missions and build momentum until getting things done becomes a habit. The easier it is to develop one’s capabilities, the easier the choice to become empowered becomes, and tools can help us immensely. I'm developing to help with this process.
  • ...stop thinking you know everything...
  • prozac works. that or a reality slap - goodness knows i've had my fair share of those
  • Yeah...tyranny...
  • who cares...?
  • More interestingly, if there were such a cure, would anyone care? After all, the affliction it would cure is, by definition, not caring. Should a perfect cure for apathy be found, it seems to me likely that nobody afflicted by apathy would want to be cured.

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