• the mental image in my head right now is not so good.
  • My brother was a fisherman on Trawlers that fished the Icelantic waters and he confessed to me that they all wore womens tights to help keep their legs warm,but he didnt wear them off the boat and he didnt like a pacific colour:-)
  • I wore them once when I was climbing the Great Wall in China and it was bitterly cold...but I hated them because the steps on the wall can be huge..and I just couldn't bend my legs enough..the tights kept rubbing on my jeans....
  • Yes I would admit to wearing tights,as you know you only get what you pay for guys,so try buying a pair between £10-£20 such as wolford,fogal,le bourget,Oroblu,ergee,falke and there are many other makes that are without no doubt got quality,which you can feel in the fit,so don't knock it till you have tried it.Remember next time take a look at the majority of women in the street and you could say they are dressed as men such as jeans,tracksuits football tops,trousers I don't hear much complaining from the men about them wearing mens attire.So if you feel that way inclined why not as long as you feel comfortable in what you wear.
  • I think it's fine. I mean, girls wear guy clothes sometimes when we feel like dressing comfortably. Why shouldn't guys be given this same privelage?
  • my thought is do what you wish, if someone has a issue with it, fuck em, they arnt you.
  • Hey, whatever floats your boat, buddy. Honestly, I've got no issue with it. I like opaque tights myself. You know that they're making opaque tights with foot cushions built-in now... like Dr. Scholl's pads? Holy COW what lifesavers!
  • No one's ever told me that they do.I wear them when it's freezing outside and they do help.My husband can't be talked into wearing them though.
  • Football players actually were them under their pads in cold weather.
  • I am a guy and I wear tights quite a bit. I wear running tights or leggings. My favorite brands are Underarmour and Asics. I wear them to the gym to lift weights and also for running or biking outside. I find that most people really don't have a problem with it. it is rare that someone laughs or makes a rude comment. The bias against men and boys wearing tights is just a weird attitude that some people have. I say wear your tights whenever you want.
  • i wouldn't worry if u like wearing tights i no a man who likes 2 wear them coz they keep him warm. so dont worry and any un shallow woman would be fine with u wearing them i no i would be so dont worry wear them and dont care what any1 else thinks ur perfectly normal trust me xxxxxx
  • Personally I don't think I do, but living in the cold I'm sure a neighbor or two probably does. I typically wear flannel lined jeans or insulated bib coveralls in the cold. I've got to ask though: Doesn't it chaffe the heck out of your legs and butt? I've tried form fitting long underwear before and talk about burn!
  • I wear tights from time to time, but as a rule I prefer pantyhose (which may also be tights to you, I suppose). I wear them all the time, usually with short skirts and heels, though, as opposed to jeans (but I'll wear them under jeans when I have to wear pants).
  • I personally would not be attracted to a guy who wears tights.
  • Are you going for the emo punk rocker style?
  • None that I know of. I tend to think of hose and tights as women's lingerie, which I don't expect straight men to wear. The fact that you prefer opaque ones leads me to believe it is not *just* about the cold. Otherwise, why not go with the thickest most utilitarian ones you could find? If it were just about being cold, why not just wear long underwear or flannel or fleece lined pants? I'm not saying it's wrong or that you should change for anyone, but you asked what I thought, and well, that's what I thought.
  • yes i wear tights..and have been wearing them for many years..they are great!!!
  • I've been wearing tights for years. I am 27 now. I LOVE to wear tights and see other guys wearing them too. Tights look very sexy on a man, and feel really good too. They keep you warm and keep your legs energetic and reduce fatigue. There is nothing wrong with wearing tights. My brother is 24 and he is straight and wears tights too, because they help his legs to feel energetic and girls think he looks hot in them. Wear with pride my friend. There is nothing gay about wearing tights unless they are pink! lol Take care bro
  • Your not Alone. I wear them as well I normaly were them to bed on cold nights and were them under and pants during the cold days. I dont know why women find it so creepy for Straight guys to were them. I am Completley Straight and Love wereing them. There should be no problem for men to wear them They even make tights for guys.
  • theres nothing to be ashamed of,if you enjoy wearing them for when you are cold it would be,i too wear tights under my pants.
  • Before reading the third sentence of the question, my answer already had come to mind. I too like tights, even those that are mid-thigh length, in cold weather. Of course, I'm so ancient that I am a "long-johns" fan.
  • I personally think its strange but hey, whatever sweetens your tea there. More power to ya.
  • it caught me off guard your question, but i dont think its that big a deal, as long as you dont start wearing fishnets or whatnot...but serioulsy, its okay. the only tights i have seen my guy friends wear are running tights, or the tights for sports (XC, football, etc.)
  • my man does it //i think its great///he likes to wear them during sex.... i have no problem with it....however im the only woman hes ever told about it.. so i suppose its about not having hang ups....funny you should say opaque...cos he likes the real cheap ones!!You boys have no class lol
  • Incidentally, i really Do not
  • kind of........weird. put some makeup and a skirt or dress on while you're at it. haha just kidding! or am i? sike no, i do think that is kinda weird.
  • Joe Namoth (famous American football player) did a commercial many years ago wearing pantyhose. That was my first thought. I live in the south (US) so not much cold weather here, but after reading the other answers it seems they are more common than I realized. No judgement here.
  • 4-18-2017 Hunters often wear tights made of silk for the reasons you mention.
    • Jewels Vern
      BTW I searched for pictures of "men in tights" and only got stills from the recent Robin Hood flick.
    • Jewels Vern
      BTW Have you seen "The Trucks"?
  • uh, guys should wear thermal underwear; lightweight, and you don't even know you have it each their own........ you can buy just the thermal underwear bottoms; wore them for many bad winters.......very comfy, too!!!!!!

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