• i went through this with my ex---he is asking because he feels back for how things went with him and he wants to know if you are happy now and more than likly he still has feelings for you....thats pretty much how my ex just explained it to me when i asked him why he caredso much about my new guy
  • I would say it is mostly friendly concern. I would say that he wants to see if he can be friends with you, despite the unpleasant breakup.
  • It is possible that you are a little more attractive to him now that he has fished around some. When he asks that again, which he probably will, immediately tell him that you are not interested in another mistake.
  • I have been known to ask one of my ex's if his girlfriend is nice. It's just because I want to be nice and he deserves to be happy. :) I think your ex boyfriend is doing the same thing. He wants the best for you and he wants you to be happy, even if he can't be part of your happiness. Just because you two had a really bad break up doesn't mean he doesn't care about you.
  • Hate to possibly give potential false hope but... I would say it's because he's looking for an "in". A girl asking is one thing, a boy is another. He is probably regretting the outcome of your relationship and is wondering if there is any chance for the two of you again.

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