• Gmail is Google's excellent email app. The spam filters are great. In fact, almost everything about gmail is great. My only complaint is that you cannot sort your mail into folders. Here's a link to the GMail tour. And by the way, this is not a stupid question. If you don't know, you don't know. No shame in that!
  • Jodie, what happened to my avatar and points?
  • It's short for google-mail. If you have a google account, you can sign up for it.
  • I knew that :(... actually ive got google mail but dont use it as i use hotmail..
  • yep, I've got gmail, and I love it! It notifies me when I've got new mail, it filters spam, it's true there aren't folders but I get lost with them any way, and you can make your own labels - for example I have an AB label for everyone here, plus in the contacts, I've grouped together all the ABers into one, so you're all together there too! Neat! You can archive mail, so it's out of the way but not deleted. And the best thing is, there's no busy adverts popping up all over the place! There are context-friendly ads, which I think are really clever! So if you're talking about chocolate, it'll show ads for chocolate! YEY!! and sign up today! But CM, if you are going to go for it, get the US versions and NOT the UK version - cos for some reason, we don't have as many options as they do, and they're much better! Same thing for GTalk - then we can chat!

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