• White smoke is a sign of serious engine trouble. It is usually caused by the combustion of engine coolant, along with the air-fuel mixture. This may be caused by leaking seals around the cylinder head and/or base or by cracks in the engine block and/or cylinder head. Seals can be repaired, but cracked parts must be replaced with new or used parts. These repairs are costly, unless you do the work yourself. Given the age of your vehicle, repairs are not liable to be worth the effort and expense. An internal or external leak will reduce the amount of coolant available, which may also lead to engine damage by overheating. Coolant can also leak into the engine oil (internal leak), diluting it and reducing its lubricating qualities. This can also cause engine damage. Oil that has been contaiminated by the engine coolant will turn a lighter shade of brown, often milky-looking.

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