• k-os lupe fiasco k-os mj k-os sam roberts k-os me :P
  • Iggy Pop and Tom Waits. They seemed to work very well together acting in Jim Jarmusch's film Coffee and Cigarettes, and I think their musical stylings could be very... Interesting, if combined properly.
  • me and lou reed
  • Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams work on a movie or tv show together. Rob Thomas and Paul McCartney should write a couple songs together. Fiona Apple and Trent Reznor could do a duet of an old standard. Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel could write a folk-rock musical. Peter North and Paris Hilton in a porno.
  • I would like Marvin Gaye and Selena to sing a duet.
  • I'd like to see Martha Stewart and Norm Abram (This Old House/New Yankee Workshop) to do a show together. They'd make stupid useless high-falutin' craft projects and use laser-guided power tools to do it....:-D... . . .
  • Ella Fitzgerald and Yo Yo Ma at Carnegie Hall! :)
  • Jim Morrison and Roy Orbison on Unhappy Girl. Linda Ronstadt and the Kingston trio on "Where Have all the Flowers Gone?". Roy Orbison/Elvis on Can't Help Falling in Love and Only the Lonely. Andrea Corr, Sharon Corr, and Fleetwood Mac on Rhiannon. Carlos Santana and Mariah Carey on I'll be Waiting. Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughn on Good Morning Little School Girl. Whitney Houston and Jimi Hendrix on I will Always Love You Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis on Up From the Skies.

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