• Funny question because they say in the ad "An erection lasting more than 4 hours seek medical attention." I hope you can fill in the blank.
  • I am not sure about Levitra, but I know that Viagra can. If you take a strong dose you will often remain hard even after you ejaculate. If you do lose your erection it is almost TOO easy to get it back. It can be distracting.
  • A 100mg viagra can not only keep you hard for one ejaculation, I have had it keep me hard for 5 in a row spanned over a 7 hour period. It was an iteresting way to ring in the new year. Only problem is that after awhile it starts to hurt
  • although Cialis isn't proven to help you maintain your erection after ejaculation, it DOES work over a 36 hour period, and we often tell people not to take it more than every 3 days because it can actually stay in your system (and work!) that long.
  • All three of these PDE-5 inhibitors are meant to work so that when a man ejaculates after intercourse his penis would resume it's normal limp state... However, the drug will stay in your system so if you are aroused again, you can easily acheive another erection. Again, this depends on which drug you use as Viagra is generally in your system for 4-5 hours, Cialis for 36 hours and Levitra about 6 hours.
  • No it falls off
  • I always thought if your erection lasted longer than 4 hrs, that made you a hero!
  • If information in this article right you will, but anyway, you need some stimulation from your partner. Moreover, I think that if you do this without any breaks it will hurt.
  • not sure

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