• think this should help you-is a site that tells you how to test at home-hope link works---have some points-good question-smile and enjoy the day
  • go to the optician they will check your eyes properly
  • The other day, my glasses broke, and I had to wear an old pair. I tested myself while driving along the road, by doing the old driving test sight test: read a number plate at 70 feet. But, if you are worried, you really ought to pop in and visit an optician - they can tell all kinds of things from your eyes! I was amazed once when I went to see an optician, who could tell from my eyes how old I had been when I first started wearing glasses, and also advised me to get my cholesterol checked!
  • I wore my frens glass one day and realized... the world is not that blur as I see...and I got my eye tested after... :)

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