• No way! Its soooooooo right! lol
  • No I had a senior interested in me and it turns out we both always wanted to meet each other. He took me to a place him and his friends use to hang out before they moved and I was kinda shy because I didn't know what to talk about or just say in general, and I kind of had my head down and out of no where he leaned down and kissed me, and before I know it we were making out the entire lunch period and we both ended up late for are next period. It was quite interesting. But I only liked him, Now I found a guy my age who is so much more handsome and the sweetest in the world, and he is my first love, and we are going to be with each other for the rest of our lives! He's the best man in the world. (: -Jessica Edgell soon to be Zeidler.
  • That depends. Please submit picture.
  • Nope...nothing wrong with it. The age diff is so close that it doesnt matter.
  • In a way. It is creepy that an 18 or 19 year old would think a 14 year old is soooooo hot.
  • No it is not wrong to think anyone is hot,it would be wrong if you acted on it and she is too young.I mean hot is hot it doesn't have an age.
  • No if he really is! ;)
  • No there's nothing wrong with that. Age shouldn't be an issue. But there should be more than what they look like that attracts you to them. Act on it if there is and don't worry about the differences.
  • No way!!!!!!!! The age difference is totally fine except that you'll be going off to college next year and she'll/he'll still have a few more years left of high school.
  • Depends on if you are a 21 year old senior and she is a 14yr old freshmen or if you are 17 yr old senior and she is a 15yr old freshmen. I don't think it is wrong to think she is hot regardless but if you ae 18 and she is under 18 then it might not be wise for you to presue anything with her without her parents permission.
  • i dont think so

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