• DON'T PANIC!!! :) You can easily restring a 'cello. No problem. Takes a while but just go and get a new one (they were about what £15 when I was playing so maybe $30 - $40 ish? I dunno been awhile lol!). Which string went? Bet it was the A it's always the A ;) The school should teach you how to restring. It is not hard but takes some time to learn properly. Wait until you smash a bridge (I did three whilst at school and two bows, dozens of strings), then you'll see this is NOTHING lol ;) EDIT: You may want to slightly loosen you other strings as well BUT not too much. Just reduce the tension on the bridge a bit as it is out of balance with the missing string. Not too much though or the bridge will pop off. Depends which string went - let me know :) Oh and strings are about £15 for a cheapo set (which if it is a school 'cello will do I suspect.) They can range to hundreds of pounds but they are for truly wonderful instruments, I would not recommend that for a school 'cello. SO about double those amounts in dollars :)
  • I don't know exactly but strings break on a Cello just like on a guitar and they are pretty cheap and really easy to put on
  • Strings are consumables - you have to expect them to snap, wear out, etc. The school should have a good supply of them and also show you how to install new ones; it's all part of caring for the instrument. Many musicians (guitarists, etc.) will use a new set of strings for each peformance; it's like ballet dancers using new shoes for each performance. Above all, realise that this wasn't anybody's fault - it was just a normal occurence.
  • Cello strings do break, and must be replaced from time to time. An A string should cost you anywhere from 20 to 35 dollars, though it would probably be cheaper in the long run and more effecient if you get a set so you are prepared for something like this. The school should teach you how to restring your cello, and they might have strings available for you to use. (Though I would think that's not likely.) Make sure that you're actively listening when you are tuning, so that you don't tune the string too high. This may not have happened, but it's something important to keep in mind.
  • i play cello and i used to rent off my school. during this time i broke the a string so i got a new `1 off the head of strings for £5 or so. it happened again about two years later. dont worry its no big deal.dont go to a music store they will charge thru the roof!!!!!!!!!
  • 5-29-2017 A broken string is not a big deal. Ask the teacher to show you how to replace it.

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