• I went back to take my cousin to her Freshman orientation in highschool. I went to the office where I had been several times before, same people, and asked them where the Freshman were. She said would you like one of our Seniors to show you where it is? HA! The students looked at me like I was an eigth grader. My elementary school looked smaller, but High school looked foreign. Glad to be out of there.
  • I live quite near my primary school and went back in to visit a few times, and it's a lot smaller than I remember, and some of the decor has changed too, and its scary how we felt so big in year 6 but compared to now, theyre tiny!
  • Yeah, it's weird. I remember the playground at my elementary school being humongous. But now when I see it, it just seems so small.
  • I saw my second grade teacher lately, who I always thought was 9 feet tall, and she's puney! like 4'11" I keep wondering what I was so afraid off!
  • I visited my old Jr. high and I did feel a little big. I visited my old HS and felt smaller. It's because there were new wings added to the school a few years AFTER I graduated.
  • I wish I could do that. They closed my high school a few years after I graduated so there's no going back. :(

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