• I used to drink a lot of Diet Coke which contains Aspartame. I can tell you that my short term memory has diminished considerably in the last few years. I can't say for certain that the NutraSweet is the cause, but it's a possibility.
  • 1) "Claim: The artificial sweetener aspartame has been proved responsible for an epidemic of cancer, brain tumors, and multiple sclerosis. Status: False." Source and further information: 2) "The artificial sweetener aspartame has been the subject of a vigorous public controversy regarding its safety and the circumstances around its approval. A few studies have recommended further investigation into the possible connection between aspartame and diseases such as brain tumors, brain lesions, and lymphoma. These findings, combined with alleged conflicts of interest in the approval process, have engendered vocal activism regarding the possible risks of aspartame." Source and further information:
  • I don't know about brain-scrambling... but when Aspartame hits 86 degrees it turns into Formaldehyde. Anyone wonder why our bodies don't decompose anymore?
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      Did Trump tell you to inject bathroom cleanser?
  • i gave a presentation on (against) Aspartame the other day! from what i researched it can cause all kinds of long term effects. Even brain tumors (yes!) I just try and keep away from the stuff.. if there's rumours (and tests to prove) that it can even cause these things then it can't be trusted! I say: keep away from "sugar free" products :)
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      How reliable is your research? Was it by board certified MDs, DOs?
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      Is there a smoking gun? No. Is there lotsa smoke suggesting fire? Yes! ---- ---- --- ---
  • I have zero trust for the FDA, as I find it one of those most corrupt agencies in the Western world. That being said, Aspartame hasn't been proven to cause any ill-effects. I find it tastes nasty, and I highly endorse Splenda as a sugar substitute.
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      It's amazing how people who use a product can promote its attributes so quickly in the face of documented research that shows otherwise.
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      1465: You mean "stolen elections" lol
  • i use sweet-n-low and im not dead yet or have anything wrong with me. but im not a lab rat being fed tons of it either
  • I did some research on this subject a few years back. At that time, there was evidence that aspartame might be responsible for some neurological problems, but only in people who consumed very large quantities of it. As I understand it, there have been studies that have "proved" both sides of the argument in years since. Personally, I mistrust any substance produced by a laboratory--we just don't know what the long-term effects of some of these chemicals are. Even things like the ubiquitous high fructose corn syrup have been linked to increased rates of diabetes and hypoglycemia. Check the labels on the products you buy--it's amazing what goes into processed food, and equally amazing what it can do to us once it's in our bodies. Sodium benzoate, a common ingredient in beverages, including the Lipton green tea on the desk in front of me, has been shown to break down into benzene when combined with some other ingredients. Who knows what else we ingest that is causing health problems? It may take decades to find out.
  • Well if all the story's are true..I am in big trouble because I use Splenda everyday......and at this time that will not change.
  • For answers to Urban Legends go to I check everything there. Especially all the annoying, incorrect emails about scams, viruses, etc. that seem to circulate and get passed on by the gullible ones.
  • Look at the ingredients side of a package of sugar twin yellow package Why do you think it says... 'Use on the advice of your physician only' that is no urban legend?
  • Easy way to find out, if you have an unexplained medical problem stop the use of aspartame products if the problem diminishes at all, start using the poison aspartame again see if the symptoms re occur.
  • Here is where you can check the urban legend:
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  • I know this does not apply but you asked a previous question about the church of living water that was rejected? I am new to this website but my friend thinks that her husband is becoming a part of it but that it might really be a cult? I was hoping that you would have some direction on it for the one that you are talking about in texas and the pastor is joel or something?
  • I have heard that the studies to reflect a bad out come from using products that have this. However, I use Splenda every day...and that is not going to change.
  • Nope...only pic..nothing else
  • No it is the absolute unadulterated truth. Why do you think sweet n low has the disclaimer right on the back of the package 'take only on the advise of your physician' think about it!
  • I don't drink diet soda any longer because it scrambled my brains.
  • Aspartimine has been linked to increased cases of Parkinson’s disease. As of yet there has been no official link and so the product remains on the market. Source: working in the pharmacutical market with history in hospital work
  • They have it written in pregnancy books that you get at the women's clinics not to have aspartame when your pregnant because of the possible effects. Also, theyres a little asterisk next to the word aspartame on food labels.. so yeah...
  • This is a fact,scientist and fda want us to believe it is perfectly safe just like canola which is unfit for human consumption. Find a package of sweet and low check the fine print on the back,Why do you suppose it says 'use only on advice of your physician'?
  • Hi.. I had a reaction to aspartame... it mimicked MS in my body... Its scary that its still allowed to be used. Dr Sandra Cabot wrote a book called The Liver Cleansing Diet, theres a chapter in there on aspartmae, explains how it turns to formaldehyde in your body... not a pleasant thought.
  • The FDA, like all US governmental agencies, is lobbied hard by manufacturers. I think it's funny that the US is so hellbent on the "war on drugs" when the US government is the largest drug dealer - just look at their outrageous policies with pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers. I think a lot of food companies are no better than drug kingpins with their dangerous, processed foods. The FDA seems to have no problem allowing terrible, carcinogenic foods into the marketplace. Aspartame is one of them. Aspartame is made of 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methanol (wood alcohol). In the body methanol breaks down into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and formic acid (ant poison). That chronic users of this "drug" report bad side effects is no surprise to me. I've heard everything from symptoms mimicking multiple sclerosis to tumors. Doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. And it's made by Monsanto. The world's largest manufacturer of poisonous chemicals. Now that's a big hello! Monsanto would KILL for your dollar! Don't do the diet dew people! And don't rely on for all your answers. Do some real research. Get access to Lexis-Nexis.
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  • There have been reports that linked Aspartame as one of the causes for Gulf War syndrome. While the troops were stationed there, the stockpiles of canned pop were stored in places exposed to very high temperatures. The high heat (and to some degree in addition to the aluminum cans) is what altered the chemistry of the diet sodas.
  • It is just one more thing worth researching. I have been researching chemtrails,flouride in the water,mercury in the vaccines,etc. and the results are very disturbing. For instance,while investigating aspartame,I found this:
  • It may be an urban legend for some, but that is the dog gone truth to me. Aspertame gives me a variety of neurological symptoms, including muscle weakness, tingling and numbness. At one point I thought there was something seriously medically wrong until I stopped chewing gum with nutri-sweet in it, and the symptoms stopped. Here is a question I posted about it:
  • There is documented medical studies that stat too much aspertain in a persons system can mimic the symptoms of Lupas.
  • I Blurble likert Diet Coke snurkle ret fhuty & I mery fine pliock nert. 😜
  • Not an urban legend.
  • Aspartame, an ingredient in one of my favorite beverages is well known to be a controversial topic. There has been no definitive proof that is causes "bad" side effects. Some speculate, but you have to know that the people who claim it caused them cancer or some other illness, are not part of a scientific research trial. You don't know their family history or if they are a life-long smoker, or if they got cancer or another illness from something else. There have been NUMEROUS researches on it, but to date, all the Food and Health Administrations and such have not found a reason to remove it from products on the shelf. Now maybe if you had it in its pure form and downed a huge amount, every day, it will start causing you some alarm, but as a minute ingredient in a Diet soda, it's safe to consume. I've been drinking Diet Dr. Pepper (although never been on nor needed a diet, just like the taste) since it came out with I was 18. Granted, I don't drink it often, but I have been drinking it for years, and I'm as healthy now as I've always been. Refined vegetable and seed oils such as those in fying oils cause harm in excess. BPA is a chemical found in most plastic containers such as bottled water, as well as in other packaged and canned food. The chemical can leak into the water or food and is toxic. There are several other examples of foods and beverages that will kill you long before Aspartame. It's just Aspartame is the next "big thing" for those who like to scam for a buck have hitched their wagon to, waiting for the FDA to recall it, so they call jump in with a lawsuit for millions, claiming it was due to Aspartame. They are playing the "what's the next big recall lawsuit" lottery with fingers crossed that Aspartame is it. Don't worry about it until you hear of a recall. Don't sweat the small stuff and Aspartame is EXTREMELY minute! :) lol
  • Neither. It's not very good for you at high consumption doses is alll.
  • When there is no conclusive proof one way or the other, the prudent refer to the old saying 'where there is smoke there is fire'. --- ---
  • There maybe some medical evidence that it can cause maladies.
  • Aspartame raises my blood pressure. People should stay away from ALL artificial sweeteners. The brain has been programmed to recognize the sweetness of sugar as incoming calories. When you eat sugary foods or drink sugary beverages the brain prepares itself to process the incoming calories. If the sweetness doesn't contain the expected calories, the brain will activate the hunger response to get the "promised" calories from food. This is the reason most sugar-free diets (including diet beverages) don't work.
  • Sugar substitutes are toxic.
  • I just read the ingredients on my can of diet cherry Dr.Pepper and Aspartame is listed. I wondered why I fell asleep after I drank one of those tiny cans. now I know why. I chucked the remaining cans down the drain. Thanks for asking the question sm00z. you may have saved my life.

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