• Your Doctor can refer you to a Psychiatrist ~ Dont get the wrong idea..I suffered from depression after my mom died and i went to see a Psychiatrist she somewhat helped (i was just their to talk) and i was also in the Solace house..So your doctor can refer you to someone good that can help
  • Having suffered from depression for most of my life, I have found two things that help above all els. Someone to talk to (preferably someone who understands depression)an the second is FAMILY. Whether you think so or not, a strong family structure really makes a difference. If you don't have any family you can trust then you my be one step closer to the roots of your depression. Good friends can also be a good substitute for family.
  • What will hurt your husband or family is if you DON'T ask for help. You cannot do this alone! Get in touch with a mental health professional immediately. You can access one through your primary care physician, local mental health board, even a referral from someone you know. You must be assessed to see what kind of services you require. It is important for you to keep in mind that this is an illness and you are in no way to blame. You are also not alone. There is help and hope. I am living proof of that. Best of luck to you!
  • One thing is obvious. You need help. Seek medical help right now! You don't have to feel like this. You won't hurt your husband or family...depression is a valid medical condition caused by a chemical imbalance. It can be treated.
  • I think your husband and family would be much happier if you were on the medication it takes to uplift your moods. Just tell your doctor how you feel he'll give you a referral to a trained professional.

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