• Well, unless you believe we live in a Matrix type reality, gravity predates invention by any meaningful who other than religious entities. However, Isaac Newton may be credited with observations and calculations related to the "concept" of gravity that have been very helpful to us today.
  • Gravity is created by mass. And it takes a lot of mass to create gravity. Most everything in the universe is effected by a gravitational force of some degree. Yet it wasn't really invented at all, but it was discovered to be an important part of physical science by Sir Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics.
  • God created it.
  • As another user pointed out, this question is a bit loaded. By using "Who" instead of "What" or "How", you're implying that a creator was involved in the process of creating Gravity. Gravity is a natural force that exists between bodies of mass. In my personal opinion, this force has always existed, and will always continue to exist. There are also other more complicated theories, such as Einstein's theory of Gravitation, in which Gravitation occurs because of a distortion in space and time.
  • sorry about the question. what i meant to say was, who is the person that invented gravity
  • God thought about inventing gravity but He chuckled and decided to take things more lightly. So the heavy burden was left to Man, who's ability to conceptualize and "know for sure" blinded him to anything that he didn't have a word for yet. The concept of gravity is just a model. It exists in the mind of whoever observes and labels things. The model works pretty well, but the thing being observed is not actually gravity. We are constantly getting more and more glimpses of the world around us, so it might turn out someday that gravity is actually the same as other forces, with a few strings or dimensions tweaked in a special way. Then our model will have to adapt again. The thing itself is unknown. Our label for the thing is constantly shifting and approximating. We invent everything in our head. Everyone invents gravity.
  • i for one think God created gravity. seems logical to me.
  • God invented gravity.
  • There is no gravity, the Earth sucks! :)
  • Invented it. Ah. yes. Well. Quite. The answer is really simple. George Gravette was walking just above the path one day when he decided that a bit of friction would be useful. So he went home and invented Gravette-E (the "E" is for energy) As usual, marketing got the wrong end of the stick and called it Gravity.
  • The Indians invented gravity, so the buffaloes would not fly away when they darted them with arrows. Then some centuries later, Newton had to come along and discover this invention. He was very lazy at that time, laying around eating apples under an apple orchard until an apple fell on his head, and then he felt the inspiration. I lay around under apple orchards to see if I come up with some discovery, but it hasn't happened yet. One day an apple fell on my head and all I got was a big lump. I guess some people are luckier than others.
  • I don't think gravity was 'invented.' I think it's always been in existence, for people to 'discover.' Isaac Newton 'discovered' a lot about gravity.
  • Haha, no one 'invented' gravity. It's always been there. But someone conceptualized gravity, and that was Isaac Newton. Jack
  • Possibly somebody who wanted to measure the amount of alcohol in beer.

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