• I know I don't.
  • It depends! On a co-worker/friend/random woman, no. But on my GF then yes I CAN care, again depending on the situation. If she is going to work then no, if were going to bed then a nice little number is great!
  • i like them small and white.
  • Yeah , to an extent. I wouldn't be too turned on by a girl in boxer shorts and a string vest.
  • I don't, but there are a lot of perverts out there.
  • Yes, you dont want to see a big pair of granny pants when you go downtown.
  • Sure and sometimes I get to see an accidental sneak peek and that is one of the sweetest unasked for sights of all. As long as it's sexy then I'm cool with what she's wearing.
  • not once they get it off.
  • I like it when a girl wears granny panties made of nylon. I love feeling the underwear agains her butt.
  • Not really, doesn't matter to me.
  • Lol most guys are more interested in whats inside the underwear ;)
  • Yes. The knicker is the curtain to your thingy. Nowadays I see women wearing bead stringy type unerwear which is a turn off as it is lubricating their thingy whilst they are walking. So a good curtain design is important.
  • I think the best underwear for men is no underwear!
  • no , just want to get into them and her
  • As long as they don't see it, no. If it shows, they could start to imagine things... The kind of underwear could then be a turn off, in some extreme cases. But whether you have paid $20 or $200 for it should not make such a difference. Further information: - "The (nearly) naked truth: What men REALLY think when they see you strip down to your smalls": - "What type of underwear do guys like girls to wear?": - "Do guys really care for sexy underwear?": - "do guys really assume things from our underwear colour?":
    • Bootsiebaby
      Well, well! Look who it is!
    • Linda Joy
      You do know this question is from the old ab, right?
  • I'm not going to be deterred by the type of underwear she is wearing however I will admit to having an unusual attraction to those soft white cotton panties they wear, Especially if they have a little lace around them. I'm not terribly crazy about thongs but it's a small issue in the grand scheme of things.
  • I care briefly (no pun intended) about what it looks like when it's removed, then I concentrate on what it was covering up.
  • I do. Its nice to know that a girl has made an effort to look sexy.
  • its nice to see nice underwear an a womans body
  • Guys are visual.. pretty panties make you feel sexier for him
  • Of course, we're visual creatures.
  • Although I do think the thong is by far the greatest piece of female clothing ever made, it doesn't matter too much. It only matters if she refuses to take them off.
  • No, as long as it's on the way DOWN!!!
  • Yes but its better just plain
  • Yes I do. The underwar should look sexy.
    • Linda Joy
      Coming from someone who can't even SPELL underwear!
  • Only slightly perhaps. Some are better than others, but generally I don't think it matters much.
  • Of course they care. I don't think they want to see a woman in men's underwear. I'm more than sure that filthy underwear would turn them off also.
  • as long as they live up to the imagination!
  • I mean when I was wearing some Unicorn ones on a date that lead to something more it can definitely be something that changes the mood and make you feel pretty embarrassed pretty fast 😂
  • They are more interested in the kind of boots we wear.
  • Only if I get to see it.😋
  • Well, most men find sexy underwear enjoyable; they like to see women in it, and some really prefer it. However, ultimately, all they care about is that they are getting sex. My husband loves sexy underwear and has bought me a lot of it over the years, but if I'm not wearing anything special, that's not a deterrent to sex for him.
  • It's not so much what's in the package, so much as how it's wrapped.
  • Not as long as it isnt panty hose. Nothing spoils an exciting spontaneous once in a lifetime heat of the moment romantic event like the necessity of 2 people having to co operate in the complicated procedure of completely freeing at least one leg from a pair of panty hose. Or so I've heard.anyway.
    • Victorine
      2 people are not required. Pantyhose come off easily.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Gangster: Have you every seen Joey Heatherton dance in pantyhose? Youtube it sometime and tell me again you don't like pantyhose. Also, its costs about 6 bucks a pair. And it rips easily. And it was responsible for the mini-skirt becoming popular. I love pantyhose and I also love garters but for different moods. lol
  • Some do others don't, and some prefer none at all. And as you can see from the answers there are many different preferences.
  • Speaking only for myself, no, I don't care, it's none of my business. If I'm being intimate with the girl in question I might comment but I'm not going to tell her what to wear.

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