• Not all Republicans are Pro-Life (but many are). Most of us believe that we should protect the lives of those who cannot protect themselves... the most vulnerable among us - babies.
  • Mostly pro-life but also respect the law and the woman's right to choose.
  • Most republicans are pro-life. That means that most of them believe that unborn babies have the right to life like everyone else.
  • Mostly diabolical.
  • While the Republican Party platform is pro-life and against abortion, I think individual Republican persons are as divided as the general population is on the subject.
  • They (especially Bush) believe it should be illegal...banned from the united states unless the baby is from sexual assualt...
  • The unspoken Republican platform is that having abortion be legal is great for them, because it gives them a great issue to fire up social conservatives. That doesn't mean that they won't tamper at the edges of abortion rights. Banning late-term abortions (which are exceedingly rare), denying federal funding for abortion, not allowing family planning clinics that receive federal funds to talk about abortion, etc. is all fine and dandy with them. But they would NEVER EVER EVER actually overturn Roe V. Wade (well, a few 'true believers' might....), because it would relegate the Republican Party to minority party status for generations.
  • 1st degree murder.
  • Some are for abortions, but they call it something else. Maybe they use "double speak", like an aberration. They may go over seas for abortions so no one here knows about them. Their problem with abortion is that they don't want to pay for other people's abortions with their tax money. Look at that senator from California who spoke so highly of family values and all the stuff. Then tapes of his hidden "agenda" were discovered. You don't know what to believe about Republicans. I know they aren't "holier than thou".
  • You mean the difference between what they say and what actually happens? they say they're against abortion. they do actually get abortions secretly for themselves.
  • Pro Life. Myself and all the other republicans I know.
  • It's too late, there are too many of them already.
  • Women should be able to choose. Taxpayers should not have to pay for it.
  • As a Republican, these are my views: God disaproves of abortion. People should be able to make their own decisions The tax payers should not have to pay for it It is not a form of birth control
  • its comlicated, i am republician , but i do support the right to choose, however,i was involved i one abbortion and i feel awefull about it all the time, but at the same time my youngest son likley wouldnt have been born if the baby had been born, on the flip side when my wfe and i were in the clinic there were two young woman in there talking out load about the sevreal abortions the had and didnt seem to care about the fact that they had so many abortions, that to me is awefull!!
  • same as some democrats ...some are for and some are against....thats why we have can not say just because an individual is anti or pro , he is automatically 'labeled' a republican....
  • I am a strong supporter of Republican abortions. They clearly occur a lot less often than they should.
  • I think that the whole "Abortion" issue became a political issue when the Republicans started courting the Evangelicals. when they decided that churches giving political donations was not against the separation of church and state,and the republican party started to court the evangelical votes, the church view on abortion became an issue. I think that since the case was argued in the supreme court years ago, I consider the point settled. freedom of choice is a freedom, same as freedom of speech.
  • Whatever is in style that year for voters. This is for ALL parties.

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