• I'd be honest and I'd say No I am not. A child has one daddy and I do not believe any person has the right to try and take that away from them, by having or allowing that child to call someone else daddy. It is their God given birthright to have and call their father their own and it is very wrong, in my eyes, to try and take that away from them and to deny the childs parenthood and heritage in that manner. Children have the right to know who is who in their life and they all have the right to know exactly who their father is - irrespective of anyone's opinion of him. A new man in their life can love and care for them but he can not and never will be, their father.
  • always, I like to break little kids hearts.
  • No I cannot be your Daddy, we can be friends though.
  • If I'm raising them, yeah. They may only have one father, but they can have more than one dad.
  • "good question, but we'll talk about it later. do you know how to play craps?"
  • lol..well tell her this. I might not be ur daddt but i can be ur friends. I will be here for you always.
  • "No, your daddy is still your daddy and he always will be. Your mommy and I like each other very much and I want for you and I to be friends as well. Would that be O.K. with you?" I'd say this is only if the kids knew their real dad and he was still in their lives. Other circumstances would lead to different responses but I think the most important thing would be to consider what will make the children feel most comfortable and secure about a dramatic change in their lives.
  • I would say that I could never replace your real daddy, because I am not, but we could be buddies. Just show him that you can act like a father figure even if they don't have one. That is important, whether it is playing baseball with her son or dancing with her daughter. It also depends on how much you care for this woman. If you don't see a serious relationship stemming, then don't stick around because you'll end up breaking the kids hearts.There needs to be more good men out there.
  • Look child, wash my car and shine my shoes and we'll talk. Hey, get me a beer!
  • Oh wow, that's a tough one! I always look to humor when a situation is uncomfortable, so, I would probably say something like, "well, I filled out my application, so I am just waiting while processing does my verification and back-ground check. I'm sure that I'm going to be approved, but I'll let you know as soon I hear". This way, the kid doesn't think that he or his Mom isn't "good enough" for you, and, makes it sound like if things don't work out, it could be because of something you & Mom have no control over (that damn processing department). Later, when alone with the Mom, you could tell her you were caught off guard (usually how it happens) and you hope your response was ok.
  • How about.......Can I be your new friend and where did you put the High School Musical DVD?
  • You tell them no...that their daddy will always be their daddy.
  • no one can replace ur daddy sweetie but u and ur mummy are very very special to me
  • I would say the best label you can give yourself for her is being a friend first. The label father is reserved for one person and one person only. I believe you even have to earn the label of being called step dad. That only happens with patience and time. And only the child can make that mental transition. Once she observes how supportive and helpful you are as a "contributor" to the family, can she determine you've earned the right to be called step dad. I have a free advice site for single parents dating called: My 2 Cents George
  • that all depends. if their father isn't involved and that is a responsibility that you're willing to take and your relationship is at that level (i.e. engaged!!) then you can tell them yes, you would like to be their daddy. however, if their father is actively involved then you tell them that they have a daddy and you would never try to take his place, but you will be there for them whenever they need you. **kisses**
  • Excuse me kids. "Lady we need to talk!"
  • I dated a single mom once. I never wanted to replace the kid's dad, even though he was a deadbeat and wouldn't pay child support. I would say that his/her mother and I have not discussed that yet. I let them know that I liked their mother and them a lot, but marriage is something that two people take time to find out about and we haven't spent enough time together to make that decision. It's a complicated answer that beats telling them, "Your guess is as good as mine."

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