• I think you should just skip anything underneath the dress completely.
  • I don't know, but I enjoyed giving it serious contemplation. ;-)
  • Your idea sounds great! Is it a holiday party? If you have something sparkly I think it would look great.
  • I would buy a slip, by the time you bought a new bra and underwear you would have spent so much more money, plus you will be all covered and you can enjoy the party all the more because you will feel confident, that all is well.
  • I love seeing through a woman's clothes, but I would recommend a petticoat, none the less.
  • I'd buy a slip that was a couple inches shorter than the dress and make it seem like everything came together, and match the accessories with the slip's color. If you don't want to do a slip, I'd go with neutral tones, to keep them guessing.
  • Buy a slip. There are lots of pretty, decorative and sexy slips out there and that would be very acceptable at a holiday party. I think the "invisible" underwear concept would just leave everyone looking at you and whispering in wonder as to whether you are wearing anything or not. :)
  • A beige slip, or fleshy colored slip would still allow the dress to be sexy I believe. I was raised to dress very conservatively, not that I didn't get wild back in the day :) but I just think that there are ways to look and feel sexy without over doing it and giving a lesser impression. JMO! On the other hand, I think that you might try both and wear what you're most comfortable with.
  • Why not just shave and try your luck?
  • I would get the slip sense you already have the dress and may want to wear it at a later date but I would also suggest something pretty that covers the essentials seeing as I don't know what the dress looks like to make an accurate decision. It seems like with the sheer dress you want to accentuate your assets. which is quite fine. The sexy holiday dress is very in this season. I would suggest something that is eye catching that still shows off your assets but that isn't too overbearing. Try something silky or a little forming to the body with a tease of skin. One fashion rule that will never fade is less is more.
  • I say, flaunt it, M'Lady! Wear the dress without anything underneath it ;-)
  • Where work is concerned I would err on the side of caution.
  • I'd go for the pretty but same color as dress
  • Go Commando. If they don't like it, they don't have to look.
  • Soooo, how did you wear the dress?
  • If you want to appear classy, yet very sexy, I think you should wear a 1/2 slip and leave your breasts to be exposed through the upper portion. To me there it is VERY sexy to have a woman dress very classy, yet have her breasts visible through the material.
  • Well, it really depends on if you think there is anything wrong with your body. If you are ashamed then don’t, but ask yourself why you would be ashamed. Different cultures have different ideas on how much skin to show. In some places women say that they are naked without the small rope around their waist (which is all they ever wear). Understand, I used to be very conservative myself. I always wore a “one piece” to the beach, and never showed cleavage or even much leg in a skirt. I would have never been caught dead in anything risqué. But then one day I was watching coverage of a fashion show in Paris and I was envying the women in the see-through clothes for their courage and bodies…except I looked good enough to wear those clothes too! I realized that I was letting my fear control me, fear of what others might think. Especially fear of what other women would think of me. Eventually I took the plunge but it took time and was a step by step thing. I never looked back or regretted it and it has been almost ten years of less 'coverage' and more joy in life. Clothing is decoration, so celebrate the beauty of your body by allowing your body to show through the cloth. Let the cloth decorate the body beneath it by accenting your form, remembering that the cloth can never compete with your body in beauty. It was very freeing that first time to wear a long sheer gown with nothing at all under it. Heads do turn, but they turn when I am in jeans and a t-shirt. Don't be ashamed of being pretty. Incidentally, the only comments I ever get from other women, are from people who wish that they had the guts to wear what I wear. More than once I have gone off to the ladies room and been told by an older woman (not quite at her prime anymore) that she wished she had dressed that way when she was young. That they regret not taking advantage of their most beautiful younger years while they still had them. Unfortunately most of us women can’t afford a private trainer or the other things that the Hollywood types use to keep their bodies perfect, so we will age (and show it)...but it is amazing what a spot of makeup and two layers of very sheer silk can hide (and make look better than it is).
  • I'd go with something flesh covered if it were me. I always like the look of that. Keep em guessing!
  • I think it depends in large part on your assessment of the party guests. I don't blame anyone for trying new and cool fashions, especially if that is their thing. But some people are upset by the unconventional and if you have to worry about what they think of your outfit, your concern should affect your choices. I once wore a very short mini dress to a work function. I couldn't move two feet without my panties or the lace of my slip showing and I regretted my wardrobe selection the entire evening. I have a few fairly sheer dresses and I bought very pretty satin and lace full slips in the same colors to wear under them (I also have matching bras and panties that don't show under my slips). I feel very sexy and feminine showing off my beautiful slips, but I would not feel comfortable with my bra and panties displayed as prominently.
  • underneath the dress completely is very sexy like the one rose McGowan worn was so sexy
  • If you are going to a party I would wear it as it is, provided you can carry it off, in as much that your body is fit. Go on, give the lads a treat!
  • Buy some flesh colored invisible underwear, definitely. The slip won't look right under that, and neither will the "statement" underwear.
  • Pretty underwear... you don't have to actually show anything to look very sexy!
  • Actually, forget the dress and have yourself body-painted :-)

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