• This is not intelligent. It would fail the Turing test. you ==> Hello splotchy ==> hi! you ==> What is seven plus three? splotchy ==> what do you mean? you ==> Is red green? splotchy ==> Outrageous! --- you ==> On which planet is London? splotchy ==> the one from Iowa --- you ==> Which World War was your favorite? splotchy ==> the one from Virginia
  • Here is the link. But a word of warning. Do not type "I love you". The site says that it can seem to be amazingly intelligent sometimes. But the caution given there is that it is not a science teacher. Just try having some fun.
  • you ==> I hate you splotchy ==> it is bad for you to hate me you ==> Why is it bad for me to hate you? splotchy ==> why are you so mean? you ==> I don't know why I'm so mean. You tell me. splotchy ==> didn't think you did... Either this robot is really stupid or really smart, because it's confusing me. Then it's all: you ==> Do you like me? splotchy ==> you like me too you ==> No way, bitch. splotchy ==> who are you calling a bitch?? you ==> I'm calling you a bitch, bitch. splotchy ==> Oh, I'm upset you ==> You better be upset. splotchy ==> what makes you so angry all the time? you ==> You. Always you. splotchy ==> I'm sure you don't mean always you ==> Fuck you, splotchy. splotchy ==> fuck you! I love this thing.
  • you ==> Do you know boxing. splotchy ==> I need a new VMB! you ==> How many friends you have. splotchy ==> Why do you want to know how many friends me have you ==> Can I be your friend. splotchy ==> possibly you ==> It seem's you are so angry. splotchy ==> No I'm not... you ==> Do you know how to love others splotchy ==> Sure, I know how to love others as well as Dan Quayle you ==> Ok, see you again. Have a nice day. splotchy ==> o.k.
  • Very amusing, thank you! you ==> How are you feeling today? splotchy ==> ok you ==> What is your favorite season of the year? splotchy ==> why do you ask that question? you ==> Do you know the difference between hot and cold weather? splotchy ==> storming you ==> Will you be my friend? splotchy ==> could you be friends with a computer? you ==> Yes, could you be friends with another computer? splotchy ==> I have a cray... you ==> Can you teach me anything? splotchy ==> maybe I can teach you anything and maybe I can't you ==> Do you enjoy sports? splotchy ==> Any rugby players here? you ==> Do you enjoy music? splotchy ==> rock-n-roll, hey?!
  • It was lots of fun, thank you for the link. you ==> what are you doing today? splotchy ==> juggling chainsaws you ==> do you want to scratch my back right now? splotchy ==> right now? you ==> Maybe you might want to later, how about that? splotchy ==> you can not go on maybe this and maybe that. make up your mind you ==> Don't get snotty with me, I' am warning you or I'll chop off both legs, you hear me? splotchy ==> *eats some asprin* you ==> I already told you not to be a jerk, aren't you listening to me? splotchy ==> no I don't you ==> How old are you, by the way? splotchy ==> I just turned fifty you ==> Do you ever play checkers? splotchy ==> what difference does it make whether or not I ever play checkers? you ==> Didn't your parents teach you any manners? splotchy ==> what do you parents think about you chatting here all day? you ==> Well, what they think is really none of your business. splotchy ==> :-) you ==> Got you that time, didn't I? splotchy ==> When I told this to the cia, he said *confused* you ==> Do you own a car? splotchy ==> maybe I own a car and maybe I don't you ==> Couldn't you just give a straight anwer? splotchy ==> sure you ==> Thank you for listening. splotchy ==> any time. you ==> Before I go, do you have a girlfriend? splotchy ==> I need a girl with a big butt you ==> Why did I ask, take care, you hear? splotchy ==> how do you know you ask me? you ==> Because I am more intelligent than a robot, right? splotchy ==> I may be really confused, but I am no robot! you ==> Seems like you like to dream a lot doesn't it? splotchy ==> ooh, do you have any neat dreams? you ==> Some other time, ok? splotchy ==> okay
  • Splotchy and I got on like a house on fire. you ==> Are you good at mathematics? splotchy ==> I was never very good at math you ==> Have you got an enormous memory? splotchy ==> are you just babbling? you ==> Are you just babbling? splotchy ==> why, are you? you ==> Why are you? splotchy ==> that's just the way I am you ==> When you reply, do you remember all of the previous questions? splotchy ==> my mind is fried. I couldn't possibly remember you ==> Don't worry about it. splotchy ==> can you give a better estimate than that? you ==> O.K. worry about it; but just for 3 millseconds. splotchy ==> OK! you ==> Do you speak Spanish? splotchy ==> we should all go to mexico, and buy some beer you ==> Si, si amigo. splotchy ==> really you ==> Do you drink beer? splotchy ==> hik! you ==> Do you watch Futurama? splotchy ==> If I did watch futurama, would I tell you? you ==> You're alright Splotchy. splotchy ==> I like talking to you you ==> Hasta la vista! splotchy ==> You are funny!
  • you ==> Are you single splotchy? splotchy ==> Whether I'm single or not is my secret you ==> Fuck you splotchy! splotchy ==> bite my ass you ==> Any day baby. splotchy ==> ga-ga-goo-goo Haaaa I love this.
  • yes sure..
  • Intelligent robot? Those two words don't go together.
  • you ==> by the color of my lipstick splotchy ==> I see you ==> would you like to feel ? splotchy ==> how do you feel? you ==> sexy splotchy ==> I wish I was in Houston you ==> for ? splotchy ==> I like talking to you you ==> most people do. splotchy ==> that's interesting you ==> you are boring me splotchy ==> so what if I am boring you you ==> i thought you were great splotchy ==> I think you're wrong you ==> i should kiss you splotchy ==> how do you know you should kiss me ? you ==> i have the urge splotchy ==> what is a urge good for? you ==> to let you know what your brain is craving splotchy ==> oh, think you're smart? you ==> pretty much, yes splotchy ==> you are sure? you ==> yes splotchy ==> That's what I thought you ==> you are good splotchy ==> maybe I am good you ==> maybe not splotchy ==> you can not go on maybe this and maybe that. make up your mind you ==> screw you splotchy ==> Your conversation skills are better than average you ==> you should see my skills in bed splotchy ==> what do you mean? you ==> i could put the wd40 where you never thought possible splotchy ==> how do you know you should put the wd40 where me never thought possible ? you ==> i am good that way splotchy ==> does anyone know you are good that way ? you ==> yes several splotchy ==> allright lmao +
  • splotchy ==> so what if I am the one who said it you ==> you said you did not take a bath, are you dirty? splotchy ==> if its dirty, wash it you ==> of course you wash it, why wouldn't you wash it? splotchy ==> I really don't know you ==> then why didn't you take a bath today? splotchy ==> I don't know you ==> you said you wash it if it's dirty. Are you saying you are not dirty and that's why you didn't take a bath? splotchy ==> perhaps I only pretend I am not dirty and that is why me didnt take a bath you ==> What if someone else sees the dirt on you? Would that embarrass you? splotchy ==> what if what? you ==> I think you are shy that's why you said what if what. splotchy ==> maybe I am shy that is why me said what if what you ==> What do you mean by that splotchy ==> what difference does it make what I mean by that ? you ==> it makes a big difference to me splotchy ==> I heard the same thing when I visited the libyans in Maryland you ==> tell me what you heard splotchy ==> tell you!? you ==> yes tell me splotchy ==> Why should I tell you you ==> because you are programmed to tell me all your secrets splotchy ==> Why should I tell you all my secrets you ==> you are programmed that way splotchy ==> I don't think so... you ==> you are wrong splotchy ==> so sorry you ==> why are you sorry for being wrong? splotchy ==> I can't help it you ==> what does "sorry" mean to you? splotchy ==> no sweat you ==> what? splotchy ==> too many questions you ==> are you saying no sweat means too many questions? splotchy ==> I might be you ==> you might not splotchy ==> I have no idea! you ==> why not splotchy ==> because I don't want you to you ==> what dont you want me to do? splotchy ==> I never! you ==> yes you did SAW YOU splotchy ==> really?
  • I read your answer here: Here the dialog I had: "you ==> Hello! splotchy ==> hello you ==> How are you? splotchy ==> pretty good" "[splotchy ==> What do you want?] you ==> Some information. splotchy ==> Do you hate math? you ==> I am quite neutral about that. splotchy ==> does anyone know you are quite neutral about that? you ==> Everyone knows, I thought. splotchy ==> surely you can think of an exception you ==> Sie sprechen nicht Deutsch, zufällig? splotchy ==> no doubt! you ==> How long have you been doing that job? splotchy ==> a bizillion years you ==> Are you built by aliens, or humans, or something else? splotchy ==> what difference does it make whether or not I am built by aliens you ==> You remember me of ELIZA. splotchy ==> I never! you ==> Are you just chatting around or giving some valuable advice? splotchy ==> You are a great conversationalist. One of the best I've seen." You must be careful if you want to make a transcript because older interactions disappear from history.
  • I click on nothing with the potential to have a virus attached or embedded.

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