• I've been pondering that one for years and find the whole thing totally impenetrable. At a guess, I suppose the general theme is the continuity of the universe and the concept of the child being the father of the man. Who knows ?
  • Personal no other than to say it's the whole movie is man's battle with his tools. What you might want to do is go check out this website And see what you think about part IV. But don't skip to that. View the whole thing so it makes sense to you:-)
  • Good points all; but I think it was just to leave everyone so baffled that Disco could come to exist. Notice too that after the movie came out such colors as Avocado Green, Burnt Orange and Harvest Gold became fashionable? I blame the film for everything in the 70's. ;)
  • The monolith served as a star gate taking Bowman to another dimension where he metamorphosed into the next stage of human evolution. Remember, a monolith was there to facilitate the change from ape to man. And one was there in 2001 to assist mankind into becoming whatever it was they were to become. Sadly, we're still the same schmucks we were back in 1968.
  • Life will go on, regardless... unless a certain President who told media of his intention to cause a stupendous (perhaps stupid would be a more apt word) event to occur just prior to the 2009 inauguration. A great fear of mine: he whose IQ is smaller than his shoe size might attack Iran with nuclear weapons. A world-encompassing nuclear holocaust might destroy all life, as we now know it, permanently.

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