• You would get free health care, free food, probably a free place to live or at least a disgustingly cheap one, and a paycheck every week, as long as you tell them you "tried to work" Oh! And free day care... for all the time you spend at home doing nothing.
  • There would probably be more challenges and struggles than what there needed to be.
  • Not sure if it really bothers those that choose a life such as this one,,These type of people always have someone to pick them up when they fall,,family and welfare ,,they use the poor me method as far as they can take it, In all my suggestions to better a life like this,, has come with many excuses . So I will end by saying I am not sure there is a consequence. Great question !!
  • Alifetime of being on welfare, or homeless and scripting your childrens' lives not for the good, but for the not good! :(
  • A shortened brutal life that has been wasted.
  • Half of America and the illegal aliens are doing it. Look around you and see what is happening to them. This must end.
  • Well let's see. Starting first with the quitting school. Unless you at some point in your life get off your ass and go back to school or get your GED you are doomed to a lifetime of flipping burgers for minimum wage or some other menial job like that which requires no skill or education to do. Staying single. Do you mean as in never getting married but still having relationships with others or as in being a loner never dating etc. If it's the former I see no real downside to it. Marriage is not for everyone and someone who feels it's not fior them would be better off remaining single than breaking their spouses heart by getting married and not knowing how to comitt to their spouse. If it's the latter why would you want to go through life never experiencing the joy and happiness that can be found in being in a loving relationship with someone. I guess in this case as well there is no real downside except being all alone when you are old but hey if you can deal with it I guess more power to you. Having kids without a partner. For a man there really aren't any consequences except maybe your child growing up with only one parent. Men don't have to deal with the stigmatism of being a single parent like women do. Men can find someone to love them and want to commit to them in spite of having children. For women it's much harder . There are relationship issues. Most guys don't want anything serious with a girl who has kids. All a girl like that is good for to most guys is sex. So a female with kids and no partner is almost surely doomed to end up being used by a string of men for nothing more than sex. Then there is the issue of the children not having a male role model in their lives. Many single moms do the best they can to compensate for this but it's not the same as the childrean having a real male role model. Working only part time. Unless you are educated to the point where a full time income would be way more than you need to support yourself or you have someone to fall back on a part time income almost always is not enough to survive on. Not working at all. Unless you are independently wealthy or have a family that loves you that much or a partner who makes enough to meet your needs and doesn't expect you to work the downside of not working at all is you will have no where to live because housing takes money. You will have no food to eat because food costs money unless you enjoy dumpster diving for rotten scraps of leftover food. Then that runs into health issues that could kill you.
  • The consequences would be a welfare mother who could never give her children what they'd need.

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