• This is, alas, breed standard. Chihuahuas are usually -- not always -- fragile animals. They are generally pretty nervous, and therefore yappy, and delicate of build and temprament. They are also susceptible to cold. Unfortunately, since the Taco Bell chihuahua, there has been a huge demand for this breed, and too many puppy mills are turning out delicate and demanding animals. How to deal with this? First and foremost, I hope you do not have children under the age of about 10. Young children need to learn as fast as possible that this dog is fragile, and hugging it too hard or dropping it can break bones. Second, you need to acquaint yourself with the nature of the breed -- a lot of detailed information is available on the net because of its popularity. And make sure you have taken your chihuahua to a veterinarian who knows the breed for a proper health and temprament assessment. A chihuahua can be a terrific pet -- smart, loyal, playful and affectionate. But what you do with *your* chihuahua now, as a puppy -- is vital to what kind of dog he will be. So be gentle and careful, and *never* sit down without looking first. And educate yourself. Don't worry about the food -- he is a tiny dog and only needs tiny amounts of food. The vet will tell you what to expect, and what to feed him. As long as he eats what he needs, and get the proper care, he'll grow up to make you proud.
  • They act like that...that breed is very high strung..and their eating habits are weird. When it ages then it will start with the difficulty with breathing when excited.
  • Get a real dog.

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