• I watched all of those, and liked them, too. my partner is a big "I Love Lucy" fan (and she's 35), but never saw the other shows. don't they show those on Nick at Nite, too?
  • Yes, when you love Lucy it's for ever.
  • yes...she certainly was one of a kind.
  • i didnt even know there were other shows...but i imagine that i'd like them just as much as i liked the original show
  • yes having grown up watching them I found them great ....lucy was a scream and her movies were just as good
  • Yes ... they were all among the seldom missed TV shows in our home, my whole family loved to watch Lucy.
  • I have seen every episode of I Love Lucy and own over 80 episodes of the Lucy Show on DVD. As the copyrights have expired the show is very common on various DVD formats. I never saw Heres Lucy or her forgotten 1980's comdey Life With Lucy
  • I am writing a 8 page paper for my history class and my topic is " why everyone loved lucy" so if any of yall could tell me why yall love lucy that would help a lot!! thanks
  • I watched the subsequent shows and I thought they were pretty good. But they never measured up to I Love Lucy. I have seen them all so many times and still watch them if they are on. Too bad they don't make sitcoms like that any more. Likewise a lot of other sitcoms of the Lucy era.
  • Yes, I like the "I Love Lucy" show better. The later shows were not the same at all. You know what I mean?
  • Yes. ( Never liked the emphasis on guest stars on the later shows and/or the "musical numbers", though- - except some of those were damn funny, too -- Carol Burnett was always funny as a guest star and when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were on and Lucy got Taylor's huge ring stuck on her finger? Hilarious. Taylor was hilarious there, too. And when Lucy played the cymbals in the orchestra? Ha! And . . .and . . .and . . .and . . few shows have so many " and's" if you know what I mean . . :)
  • The newer ones were not nearly as good. You need Ricky and Ethyl. Mr. Mooney (Gale Gordon) was pretty funny though. Her first fictional son & daughter barely stuck to the video tape. The shows with her real son and daughter were much better, unless they were doing a vaudeville singing and dancing schtick. Overall, though, how could you NOT love Lucy!
  • yes but i love lucy is the best!!!!!
  • I have seen "The Lucy Show" (1962-68) when it aired on Hallmark and have bought DVD's of about 40 of the episodes. The copyrights have lapsed on these episodes and therefore they can be bought cheaply. I have never seen "Heres Lucy" (1968-74) or "Life With Lucy" (1987).

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