• (Don't let this answer fool you, I'm not THAT smart), but the answer to that is preservation of the species...
  • the mixing of the gene pool.
  • continuation of the species
  • With a free living Gametophyte, the plant can ensure genetic diversity. Their seeds can get dispersed into new areas, and this prevents a species from going extinct. Why? Well because if a certain area gets attacked by some insect, or maybe by humans with deforestation, the entire species won't be wiped out because their DNA is out there somewhere, just because they were allowed to disperse their seeds via flowers (angiosperms; flowers with fruits, which are ripened ovaries) or cones (for the gymnosperms - by enlarged strobolis' -- male and female cones) You could study the transition of plants from the Charocypeans (sp?) from water to land to understand the broader picture; if I explained everything it'd be too long.

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