• Yes, they learn strategy and teamwork.
  • It also teaches fair play.
  • I think sports is a good tool to teach kids about competition. Things in real life often involve competition. You compete with other applicants when getting into a good college. Getting a good job involves competition. Sometimes your "best" just isn't good enough and you lose. Sports can teach kids to lose gracefully and strive to do better next time.
  • Aye.. indeed. Teaches healthy competition.
  • Yes....they need to play too :-)
  • only if they are enjoying it.
  • YES.................................M.C.S.
  • Not sports exactly but just doing things outdoors. I don't see and having seen any proof of any special benefit that kids attain from doing team sports and being super-competitive. The kids that just have fun and enjoy activities and people of ALL ages seem to do better in life. And I think that music actually does more things for a kid's brain than sports.
  • My son was a very sports-oriented child, from an early age. We enrolled him in Kinder-gym and he participated in baseball for 10 years, from age 6 through 16,and was an excellent swimmer. He was a natural born athlete. However, I grew up exactly the opposite, and suffered for it. I was always the slowest, the last chosen for teams, and it really hurt. So, it depends. For the sports challenged, like myself, NO, but for the sports natural, like my son, YES.
  • Of course! Even if they're not any good at it, your brain needs a break. Sunshine and exercise are a few of the many things that are emphasized these days.
  • Absolutely, There's a host of physical, mental and social benefits. Everything from developing coordination to learning how to deal with obnoxious pushy coaches/parents. However, having them play tackle football or soccer is risky due to the potential for brain trauma (from impacts to the head). Dr. Daniel Amen recommends that children with a genetic predisposition to dementia/Alzheimer's disease not participate in those sports. . .
  • Yes, definitely.

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