• Would feel for a second they are on an advertising campaign but wouldn't take it so's Holiday season :-)
  • Hmmm. A little bit disappointed. Christmas is already so commercialized, and doing that takes the commercialization a step higher. But I would not let my feelings show. It's Christmas after all :)
  • It's a little tacky, unless you are close to the one with the business and could be expected to patronise it, but otherwise, hardly a hanging offence.
  • I wouldn't mind...I'd be like hey maybe I can use this or someone I know can...
  • I think that is tacky. It should not be included in Christmas cards. They could mail them out at another time.
  • Rather than them advertising, they may be sending it because they are pround of their son's new business and they are sending it with a "hey,look what he's doing now." mentality.
  • well it depends. if they mention it in the card about how it happened or what the business is about, and say that they have enclosed an ad for you to see... then that is being proud. nothing about it and just the ad... advrtising.
  • People often send a Christmas letter in their cards to let you know what has happened during the previous year. Perhaps they are simply trying to share their son's accomplishments.
  • Amused.
  • A bit taken aback. I would love to hear about it but an advertisement would seem a bit tacky in a Holiday card... ah well, tacky wouldn't be unusual coming from our families! Gotta love them!!
  • Wouldn't bother me one bit! I'd be happy for their sons new business...I'd be even more happy if they gave me a a discount on the business/service! Ha!
  • I guess they just want to share their sons new business with their family and friends , It wouldn't bother me + 5
  • This would annoy me. When people engage in secular pursuits at places of worship that are supposed to be for a sacred purpose it makes me feel that money and profit are more important than spiritual things to them. Jesus drove the money changers and the merchants out of the temple of his father with a whip of ropes. Even though i don't observe Christmas, this blatant advertising just cheapens the intent of a holiday card.
  • Christmas is all about commercialism anyway, I say bring it on.
  • It really wouldn't bother me. The parents are obviously very supportive of their son's brave new adventure in life, and are hoping that he finds success. If they can help a little, even if it's advertising it to friends and family by putting it in a Christmas card, then so be it. After all it's Christmas, and what a thoughtful way to help their son.
  • I'd tell other people about his business and hopefully he's good!
  • I'd feel they where trying their luck to get adveristment ! good idea !
  • Actually, from a family member, its a bit more than a 'little tacky.' An actuall ad? A note in the card that 'cousin Joe now has his own septic tank pumping service' would be a 'little' tacky. A seperate note about it,'just in case you need your septics sucked' is not so bad. I've always thought that Xmas cards from a business, my insuarance agent for example, were nothing more than ads and a 'little tacky.' But when a FAMILY member considers you nothing more than a potential customer, why that's like serving chicken salad made with dark meat to company. But they are family, so ( as we southerners understand the phrase) just say, 'bless their hearts,' and let it slide. And after all, its 'bout time Cousin Joe started doin some kinda work, and them septics has been gettin a bit, er, septic lately.
  • Hahahaha......that's funny. I guess I would hope their advertisement worked on someone else who got one of their cards because they wouldn't be getting my business. Kinda tacky I think.
  • Shocked! My parents are Jehova's Witnesses lol.
  • I feel that there shouldn't be any hidden agendas in any type of well-wishing correspondence. I would consider the ad for their sons new business a gross breach of etiquette which can only be described in one word: tacky.
  • I would take the card and put it in my special file, file 13! I have already received a wedding announcement card where the couple wanted family and friends to pay for their honeymoon, gag!! These kinds of cards just make me cringe in disgust!!
  • Well they in someways they are still sending christmas news letters.
  • Most of my family is very spread out and do not often talk. They might do that, or put anything in there that they havnt told you yet. No one I know would think anything of it

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