• given our current technology, this question is impossible to know the answer to for certain. In our Solar system it is Jupiter. The largest planet discovered is 1.4 times Jupiter and also a gas is the link
  • The largest "known" planet is Jupiter
  • HAT-P-1 which is about 450 light years from Earth in the constellation Lacerta.
  • It is worth bearing in mind some stars are huge compared to our sun, sometimes 10,000 times more massive with an equatorial circumference of over 10 million miles. Any planets formed in these systems, would be correspondingly huge. A planet the size of our sun is possible.
  • GQ Lup b discovered october 6th 2004, it is 21.5 times the size of Jupiter.
  • Actually scientists have discovered a bigger one in 2007. Its Tr-ES4.
  • have no idea, i dont think anyone knows

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