• A cabriolet is described as a convertible coupe. A convertible describes a vehicle with a convertible top. The difference is the word coupe (2 doors). A convertible top vehicle can have 2 or 4 doors.
  • Let's start with the name coupe (French word having accenet on e and pronounced 'koopay' meaning in French 'cut' or 'truncated') given to cars with 2 doors instead of the cars with conventional 4 doors. Next, a convertible is a car the top or roof of which can be slid or folded back to reveal sky. Now, if the convertible car is 2-door (coupe) it is named cabriolet or simply cabrio. Frankly, it could be called a 2-door convertible but in cars just as in cuisine the French names add a bit of mystry or classiness - remember the French "hors d'oeuver" instead of the English "appetizers" served before a meal!).
  • probably not much

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