• I probably wouldn't go for a guy more than a few years younger than me, but you never know. Maybe if we met online and I fell in love before I knew his age, that might make a difference.
  • I would say 10 years or less, obviously depending on several factors.
  • Dont they say love is blind, so anything and everything is possible.
  • I married a guy five years older than I am. I see no problem with age as long as you aren't so much younger that the guy is the age of your father/grandfather.
  • I am dating a guy that is 7 years older than me. We are planning to marry when he gets out of grad school. I see nothing wrong with it as long as it doesn't get in the way of your relationship.
  • 10 years either way :)
  • I don't think I could ever date a man younger then me, just not my style. But however much older they are makes no difference at all.
  • 5 years either way. Anything more then that sort of irks me. But maybe that's because I'm only 17 years old and the thought of me dating a 12 year old is not only wrong but illegal haha! My opinion on this will probably change as I get older.
  • age aint nothing but a number!!!!! although they would have to be way over the legal age
  • 5 years younger to 10 years older possibly. Every situation varies and depends on the person.
  • I won't date guys younger than me, but I only say that because I have yet to met a guy my own age who is mature enough for me let alone a guy younger. I guess my limit is my age up 10 years or so that make him 35.
  • depends on the guy, i have dated both older and younger... if i fall in love i wouldn't care
  • I am 9 years older than Truelove. We work through all age-defying difficulties, we have encountered so far,as a team. The most important thing that keeps us together is Communication.
  • I am 5 years older than the man i married.
  • I've vowed to myself never to date anyone older than my own father, which gives me 27 years in an upwards direction, although if it was going to be a serious long term relationship a large age difference possibly may bother me more - I'm not sure. I very rarely find people under thirty remotely physically attractive, so I can't really imagine dating anyone younger than me at all.
  • hm...if I should be able to marry Alan Rickman, my max age difference would be 44 years;) seriously...probably not more than 20-25 years max. I'm often attracted to older men, but not not more than perhaps 5 years younger than me. of course, you can never know with love:)
  • I think 12 years older and 12 years younger is a good threshold.... but sorry to disappoint you 30 and 54 year olds... I am taken.
  • hmmm.....10 yrs older and 5 years younger but I might not regard this if I am really head over hells in LOVE
  • 5 years older and 1 year younger.
  • I guess maybe 10 to 15 years older and younger. It would depend on the guy and his maturity and attitude, too.
  • age doesn't matter to me no more :)
  • Well, when I was single, I dated a guy 8 years younger than me. I also dated a guy like 8 years older than me. Age didn't matter, as long as we 'clicked'.
  • I probably would only go a couple years younger just because of maturity level and laws obviously. Ususally when I date someone older, I stick with the rule that if they're closer to my parents age than mine it's a no go.
  • I am with a man 12 years younger than me and I have never been so happy. Sure we get comments and looks sometimes but we support each other and dont care what they think as long as we are happy and good to each other that is all that counts. Age is a state of mind. It all depends on communication, maturity, being on same life level, support and love. If your friends dont like it they werent really your friends to begin with. Do what makes you happy because no one else will.

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