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  • i'm going to take niacin, and drink a detox drink too
  • in my experiance detox drinks dont do anything the best way to pass it is it drink a hell of a lot of water before you go in for the test drink a ton of water and take a vitamin b tablet
  • Sweat it out and drink lots of tea.
  • ways to get clean: 1. Niacin works by flushing your system and you practically sweet out the toxins in your body. and this isnt just for a small period of time. this totally rids your body of it. including thc. which is stored in your fat cells. you take the 8 regular niacin pills and work out. that way you sweet. you start this two days before you get tested to be for sure clean. and you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. or 2. if you know when your getting tested theres this jell stuff called certo/ sure jell. or pectin. (you can buy this at any grocery store). you drink a pack of the pectin and mix it in a 20 oz. cup of water and drink it. you do this about an hour before your drug test and you should pee until your urine is clear. what this does is the pectin jell lays on the out side of your bladder and it filters your urine from thc. so when you pee ur urine is clear clean from thc. but this is only for a short period of time.
  • there is no way to get marajuana out of byour system as it stays in the hair folicles for up to 3 months but the small amount uve taken shouldnt be a problem
  • If you're going to be tested via urine sample then I'd say yes because it's my understanding that it takes 8 days for weed to be expelled from your system via the alimentary canal. However, I've also heard that human hair retains THC for about 6 months.
  • ja you can pass the test with a problem^^ :D dumn ass^^

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